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What does it mean to be an anarchist communist?

What does it mean to be an anarchist communist?
by prole cat

(The following essay was composed for the inaugural issue of THE DAWN, an anarchist newspaper published out of Oakland, California.)

In setting out to answer the above question, I do not plan to provide a definition. That is to say, I do not plan to explore the theory or history of anarchist communism. I will assume the reader is already familiar with the basic tenets of the anarchist communist tradition (and for those who are not, Peter Kropotkin’s pamphlet Anarchist Communism is a good place to start.)

Rather, I intend to answer the question from the perspective of what being an anarchist communist means personally, how such a political identification affects employment prospects, personal relationships, and activism.

Less Talk, More Squats

Winter is coming...
Now is not the time to ask for housing.
Now is the time to take it.

Assemble at All Saints' Church
Saturday, November 8th
Meal provided

Reply to the Platform (Synthesist)

The synthesist response to Dielo Trouda's 'Organizational Platform of Libertarian Communists'. First published in French (Paris 1927).REPLY TO THE PLATFORM (SYNTHESIST)

by 'Several Russian Anarchists' (Sobol, Schwartz, Steimer, Voline, Lia, Roman, Ervantian, Fleshin)

[first issued in French, Paris 1927]

Reasons for the Weakness of the Anarchist Movement

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