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Common Struggle

The Northeastern Anarchist

The Northeastern Anarchist is the English-language magazine of the Common Struggle Libertarian Communist Federation, covering news of revolutionary resistance that is of interest to the anarchist movement, and publishing class struggle anarchist theory, history and analysis in an effort to further develop anarchist communist ideas and practice.

Aims And Principles

Common Struggle - Libertarian Communist Federation is an organization of revolutionaries coming from different movements of resistance who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. The federation's activities are organized around theoretical development, anarchist propaganda, and intervention in the struggle of our class, be it autonomously or by direct involvement in social movements.

Anarchist Communism


This Is Common Struggle! An Introduction To The Libertarian Communist Federation

An Introduction to the Libertarian Communist Federation

Common Struggle / Lucha Común is a bi-lingual (English and Spanish) organization of revolutionaries from the northeastern region of North America who identify with the communist tradition within anarchism. We oppose all forms of oppression and exploitation, and struggle for a classless, stateless, non-hierarchical society.

Audio: A16 - Interview With Black Bloc Member Flint Jones

An interview with Flint Jones, a participant in the Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc, about tactics, anarchism, and more.Click on the below link to go to the audio files.

Fascists, Anti-Fascists And The State

As of October 8th, the majority of the Baltimore Anti-Racist 28 defendants have had their cases dismissed. This is the story of the lead up and action on August 24th, and the aftermath.Fascists, Anti-Fascists And The State
by Flint, Roundhouse Collective (NEFAC-Baltimore)

"The totalitarian vision of fascists often resonates with the many
statists who wish to unbind their hands from the pretense of 'democratic'
government and civil liberties." - Call for a Revolutionary Anti-Fascist

Over the last two years, the neo-nazi National Alliance (NA) has held a

Call For A Revolutionary Anti-Capitalist Bloc At A16

Due to differences in theories, tactics, and organizing principles with the current direct action networks that are springing up around the country, we are calling for an organized bloc of all stripes of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, revolutionaries at the upcoming demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank. We are not, however, calling for a strictly anarchist black bloc.

A16 Revolutionary Anti-Captialist Bloc

We are all active organizers and participants of the upcoming protests surrounding the IMF and World Bank on April 9 -17. For us, these institutions are beyond reform. In addition to simply being "undemocratic" in themselves, they play a key role within a global capitalist system that must be abolished outright. That is why we are working with all our energy to bring the most effective resistance possible against them to the streets of Washington, DC.

We are calling for an organized bloc of all stripes of anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist revolutionaries at the upcoming demonstrations against the IMF/World Bank. We feel that it is important to present critique of these transnational financial institutions that is anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist, and anti-colonialist in perspective, and accompanied by a revolutionary vision which advocates a radical transformation of society that is based on mutual aid, direct democracy and free association.

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