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Common Struggle

Upcoming Common Struggle Events in Boston

Please join us at these events coming up in Late February/Early March!

Wednesday, February 27th

Protest City Realty
3 pm
370 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton, MA

Join Common Struggle members as we support this NEW ROAD initiative.

Care + Struggle

1. Read for March 2
These readings will give us some theory on why caring labor is important:

a. On Elder Care Work and the Limits of Marxism, by Silvia Federici in Revolution at Point Zero: Housework, Reproduction and Feminist Struggle, PM Press 2012.

See also Domestic Workers United, a campaign cited in Federici's article, and "Spain's Jobless Rely on Elders, a Frail Crutch," (New York Times, July 29, 2012), as just one example of how elders have become providers in the austerity paradigm.

Almuerzo y Cine-foro de Año Nuevo

Únase al grupo local de Lucha Común/Common Struggle para un almuerzo y cine-foro de Año Nuevo.

Martes, 1 de Enero
12:00PM: Almuerzo
1:30PM: Proyección de "Freedom Road (Camino para la Libertad)"
3:00PM: Discusión

Nos encontraremos a las 12:00pm para compartir comida, solidaridad y nuestras resoluciones revolucionarias del año nuevo.

A la 1:30 pm, vamos a proyectar la película “Freedom Road (Camino para la Libertad)”

New Year's Brunch and Film Discussion

Join the Boston local of Common Struggle/Lucha Común for a New New Year's Day brunch and film discussion group.

Tuesday, January 1st
12:00PM: Brunch
1:30PM: Screening of "Freedom Road"
3:00PM Discussion

We will gather at noon to share food, solidarity and our New Year's revolutionary resolutions. At 1:30 pm we will screen the film "Freedom Road"

Common Struggle Online Voting Policy

Common Struggle use an online voting process as follows:

1) Member, supporter, or committee (the proposer) puts out a draft proposal for review or comment. Proposal is clearly listed as a draft.

2) The proposal enters a week long discussion period. During the discussion period, amendments are proposed. If the proposer agrees with the amendment, it is considered a "friendly amendments" and incorporated by the proposer. If not, the following steps are taken:

2a) Whoever wants the amendment first tries to work out a compromise with the proposer.

Common Struggle Email List Protocol

Protocol for ALL Common Struggle email lists. (Edited Fall 2012)

Common Struggle lists are intended to be used for constructive discussion and organization in Common Struggle.

Any Common Struggle member, trial member, supporter with email should be able to remain on the list even if they have very limited access so it is vital that the number and size of mails on the list is kept to a reasonable level. The protocol below should encourage this - please respect it. Anyone who repeatedly breaks it will be unsubscribed. The Delegate Council moderate the email lists.

Libertad # 8

En Esta Numero:
La Huelga en Contra el Aumento de los Pasajes en Boston Lucha Contra la Subida de precios
La Raices populares del paro estudiantil en Quebec
El Dia Internacional de los Trabajadores en el 2012

La Resistencia Popular del 1% en relación al Sistema de Transito

El 1º de julio, La Autoridad de Transito de la Bahía de Massachusetts (MBTA) incremento los pasajes en un 23% a través de la ciudad de Boston. Como respuesta, la comunidad, los trabajadores y grupos políticos—incluyendo Lucha Común—formaron la coalición de la Huelga de los precios de pasajes en Boston (conocida como: BFS). De acuerdo con la dicha declaración, el 1º de julio la BFS lanzó una huelga de no pago a tarifas de que “no solamente se defiende nuestro sistema público de transito sino también el mejorar y expandirlo para que sirva de mejor manera a los ciudadanos de Boston y sus alrededores.”

Freedom/Libertad Issue 8

Articles from Freedom/Libertad, Issue 8

In this issue:
Peoples' Resistance to the 1%'s Attack on Transit
The Popular Roots of the Quebec Student Strike
Spring Comes to the United States

Peoples' Resistance to the 1%'s Attack on Transit

On July 1st, the Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority (MBTA) increased fares 23% across the Boston-area public transit system. In response, community, worker, and political groups—including Common Struggle—formed the Boston Fare Strike (BFS) coalition. According to their statement, BFS launched a fare strike on July 1st to “not only defend our public transit, but to improve and expand it to better serve the people of Boston and the surrounding environment.”

Boston Events in early November

Thanks to all who came out to talk about The Housing Monster with us last month! There's a ton going on in the Boston area this month. Here's a few actions and events you could find Common Struggle at in November.

Support Malden Tenants United!
Thursday, November 1st, 5:00pm
Alpha Management, 59 Linden Street, Allston, MA
Facebook Event

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