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US forces kill journalists, ambulance crew, shoot children in Iraq

Al Jazerra have released this video that shows US Apache helicopters use a mini gun against a group of journalists & civilians in Iraq. When a van arrives to evacuate the injured that is also shot up, killing the driver. When US troops arrive on the scene the pilots laugh when they run over a body and then when they are told that the injured include two children laugh again saying 'you shouldn't bring your children to a war.' Except of course those they have killed were not in a war, they were walking down a street before being gunned down from the sky without cause or warning.


Lessons of the Israeli-Lebanese War for the Anarchist Movement

The war between Israel and Hezballah is temporarily over. The left has taken a range of positions on the Israeli-Lebanese war. Anarchists have opposed the U.S.-Israeli aggression, pointing out the reactionary nature of both sides in the war. However, many have tended to equate the two sides, to treat them as equally bad, and to call for opposing the war on both sides. While there is a good deal of confusion on this issue among anarchists, it is my impression that most have failed to support the oppressed against the oppressor in this war.

  • See also: Eyewitness Lebanon: In the land of the Blind (Michael Schmidt, ZACF)
  • Ruminating On the Likelihood of Conscription in the USA

    Class, conscription and the role of anarchists in anti war movements

    Everyone has by now heard rumors of a coming military conscription. At first such chatter only wafted through the halls of cyberspace, ignored by the “mainstream media” (as the newspaper editorialists and blow-dried talking heads of the television news are known, who serve as quasi-official spokesmen for the corporations and politicians.)

    "Shutdown of the Shannon Airport" talk, 3/18 Baltimore

    Speaking Friday, April 18th, 8PM at Red Emma's in Baltimore, Maryland

    Andrew N. Flood, activist and writer from Dublin, will be speaking on the anti-war movement Ireland, specifically on the campaigns surrounding the U.S. use of Shannon airport. Shannon airport in offically 'neutral' southern Ireland has been used for at least a decade to refuel US war planes. Grassroots Network Againt the War (GNAW) held a series of direct action tresspasses and property destruction.

    When War Starts The World Stops!

    When War Starts The World Stops!

    No War But The Class War

    Anarchist contingent begins to gather at Boston's 35,000+ person anti-war demonstration on March 29, 2003

    "No Blood for Oil. No war between nations, no peace between classes!" From the NEFAC Montreal & Comites Sans Emploi contingent at the anti-war march on January 18, 2003

    Common Struggle statements

    • END THE WAR! END THE STATE! Open City (Common Struggle NYC), March 20, 2005
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