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Welcome to Black Rose/Rosa Negra - Boston's Radicalizing Reality Forums reference page. We hope to use this page to compile resources and media from our forums, exploring the intersections of radical politics and grassroots organizing!

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Resisting Walls & Bars II

Saturday March 1 2014
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston Street, Copley Square, Boston, MA
617-356-ROSA (7672)

Wheelchair Accessible / Childcare & Spanish Interpretation Upon Request

Join us for Part II of the Radicalizing Reality: Resisting Walls & Bars study group to analyze criminalization, migration, displacement, and strategies of resistance! Across the Americas and the globe, we are seeing rising struggles against enclosure and for freedom of movement or the right to remain. Communities are pushing back against displacement and uniting to stop deportations, prisoners are striking for freedom and dignity, migrant youth are sustaining a growing movement, and Native peoples are resisting exploitation of sovereign land. We can see a new world emerging in these acts of defiance and solidarity. Through these readings, videos, and comics, we hope to work towards both an understanding of the capitalist strategy of criminalization and a decolonial approach to fighting back.

What models do we see being used to fight criminalization/displacement, and who are the communities leading struggle? How do these struggles intersect? What local equivalent of stop and frisk, gang injunctions do we see? How do we see gentrification and border imperialism manifesting in Boston? How does the State uphold and justify narratives of criminalization and disempowerment? Where are strategic points of intervention? What kind of change are we fighting for, and how do we build inclusive resistance throughout? Join us for a participatory conversation on these and other questions in Part II of the Radicalizing Reality series.

Reading list:
Abolicionismo (Texto Introductorio) by Cruz Negra Anarquista
Apuntes Sobre la Organizacion Carcelaria by Cruz Negra Anarquista
Building a Solidarity Network in Houston by Unity & Struggle
Southwest Defense Network Website
No Keystone Pipeline Will Cross Lakota Lands statement from Honor the Earth, the Oglala Sioux Nation, Owe Aku, and Protect the Sacred
The Criminalization of Poverty in Capitalist America by political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim
Spirit & Nation by Yosimar Reyes
“Activist Immigrants Hurting Their Case, Lawyer Says” article by Julián Aguilar from Texas Tribune
Stop-and-Frisk As a Weapon of Gentrification by Glen Ford
Undoing Border Imperialism (introduction pages 4-20) by Harsha Walia

Dede’s Story by Who You Callin' Illegal? (8 min 38 sec)
Fenced Out by FIERCE! (6 min 3 sec)
Gang Injunctions, Racism and Gentrification in Oakland, CA by Black Agenda report (11 min 7 sec)
Stop the Injunction! by Critical Resistance (7 min 32 sec)
Movement for Justice in El Barrio: Fighting Gentrification (9 min 9 sec)

Liberty for All #4 by Julio Salgado & Tina Vasquez

Reading list from Resisting Walls & Bars I:
The Dream 9 Victory & New Developments in the Immigrant Rights Movement by L Boogie
Immigration Reform and the Lies "Pro" Migrant Nonprofits Use to Gain Support by Luis Serrano
Surveillance, State Repression and Class Resistance: The Puerto Rican Experience by Rene Francisco Poitevin

Three Thousand Years and Life (41m 27s)
Video Interview with Sanyika Shakur from Kersplebedeb.com (60m 26s)
There Can Be a Day When We Say " Not1More" (3m 27)
Bring Them Home: Lizbeth Mateo Checking in from Oaxaca, Mexico (1m 26s)
Day 8 Update from Eloy: Why are Lulu & Maria Back in Solitary? (2m 13s)
Up the Ridge - VA Prison Conditions (15m 09s)
Evolution of Prisons: The Background for Decarcerate PA (3m 31s)
Immigrants for Sale (2m 20s)

Past Forums:

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History & Analysis
Driven form Below: A Look at Tenant Organizing and the New Gentrification by Andrea Gibbons
The Demise of Rent Control by Matt Henzy
The Shattering of the Massachusetts Tenant Rights Movement by Lester Lee
Landlords Beware: Boston Angry Tenants are Coming for You! by Paul McMorrow
Will Rent Control Make a Comeback in Boston? by Steve Meacham
Gentrification is Dead: a Proposition by Max Rameau
Foreclosed: State of the Dream 2008
History of Villa Victoria
Culture, Cohorts, and Social Organization Theory: Understanding Local Participation in a Latino Housing Project by Mario Luis Small
Activists Erect "Tent City" in Boston
Radical America: Tenant Unions in Massachusetts (PDF)

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