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English Language

NEFAC members handbook

Strike! -Ontario Edition- October 2005
Anarchist news and commentary

Back issues
Strike! -Ontario Edition- September 2005

Strike! -Ontario Edition- August 2005

Strike! -Ontario Edition- July 2005

Anarchist Atlanta
monthly newsletter of the Capital Terminus Collective
#1, September 2005
#2, October 2005
#3, November 2005

Unfinished Business #3 - Fall 2005: A journal of Class Struggle tactics and theory by the Northwest Anarchist Federation

Stories of Katrina edited by Nemesis Collective (NEFAC)

The Global Infulance of Platformism
Interviews with anarchist groups infulanced by the Organizational Platform of Libertarian Communists.

Platformism Without Illusions
Articles from the Northeastern Anarchist on Platformism

Women, the State, and the Family By E. Moraletat (NEFAC Montreal)

Race and Class: Burning Questions, Unpopular Answers By Fruittidurrti (NEFAC Philadelphia)

Radical Ecology and Class Struggle: A Re-Consideration By Jeff Shantz (Punching Out, NEFAC Toronto)

En Francias

Cause commune no 7

Numéro spécial sur la marche de solidarité sans frontière

Other Resources:

Downloads from the Zabalaza Anarchist Communist Front(South Africa) Highly Recommended

PDF files from the Workers Solidarity Movement (Ireland)

Red and Black Book Project