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It has now been over 8 months now since the people of Six Nations repossessed a tract of land that was stolen from the Haudonausaunee by the Canadian government and sold to developers. They have endured media slander, racist settler violence, police brutality, constant surveillance and one OPP raid. Since the reclamation began, at least 23 people have
had charges laid against them. Out of these 23 people, 3 are now in prison:

Trevor Miller, from Six Nations Ron Gibson, from Akwasasne, and one young offender from Six Nations who is currently in juvenile detention.

The Bosses War of Attrition: One Third of Union Members Could Disappear

Health care, living wages, pensions, job protections, the weekend -- all this could be taken away from as many as eight million already unionized workers, based on a ruling made by The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). On Tuesday, October 3rd the NLRB released a ruling on the Kentucky River Case, in which charge nurses, who give direction to other nurses, can be reclassifed as supervisors by employers. In a decision that that could make up to eight million workers ineligible for union membership, the charge nurses are now effectively barred from joining or being in a union. Because veteran nurses often rotate charge nurse assignments and duties, depending on hospital practice, a great number of nurses are expected to be impacted.


The members of the peoples' movement of Oaxaca, organized by the APPO, in civil and peaceful uprising that started 129 days ago, are once again declaring a RED ALERT in response to the intense campaign stemming from the federal & state circles of power favoring massive repression against the Oaxacan people.

Public Forum in Caladonia

A report from Tom Keefer (Autonomy and Solidarity) on the Community Friends public meeting in Caledonia on September 30th:

The event was a major success by any measure. Over 120 people from across the Haldimand tract and beyond attended the three-hour event which was addressed by indigenous rights lawyer Kate Kempton, Caledonia resident Jan Watson and United Steelworkers of America Local 1005 President Rolf Gerstenberger.

Hungary: Barikád Kollektíva Analysis of the Current Situation

An analysis by the Hungarian Barikád Kollektíva (Barricade Collective) on the recent events in Hungary following prime minister Gurcsány's admissions of lying and the subsequent riots.

Last Surviving Member of 'Friends of Durruti' Dies

Joaquín Pérez Navarro has died aged 99 hw was the last survivor of Los Amigos de Durruti (the Friends of Durruti). This was a group of anarchists pledged to fight militarisation and the betrayals of the Communist party, and named after the militia commander Buenaventura Durruti.

Men are from Earth, and So are Women

How different are men and women? Very, according to some. John Gray’s book “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” is based on the idea that there are fundamental differences between the genders. It may be just another self-help book on relationships, but it has also sold over 30 million copies and been translated into 40 languages. A key starting point for any group, movement or society who want to mobilise the full potential and creativity of humanity is to challenge the gendered nature of roles. This begins when we challenge the idea that the differences between the genders are based on biology, rather than experience.

Photo-reportage: Réclame ta rue

Court photo reportage sur Réclame ta rue, un événement manifestif annuel à Québec (plus de détail à la toute fin de cette page, après les photos). C'était cette année la 4ème édition. Les huit photos documentent essentiellement la manif puisque je n'ai malheureusement pas pu rester pour les spectacles et le reste de l'événement. J'imagine que Néonyme offrira sous peu un photo-reportage plus complet et plus pro sur le CMAQ.

From Teachers' Strike Towards Dual Power: The Revolutionary Surge in Oaxaca

The basic problems that beset Oaxaca exist throughout Mexico and so it is not surprising that the invitations to attend brought people from all parts of Mexico. What is taking place in Oaxaca is clearly inspiring people throughout this nation. In the meantime, the situation in Oaxaca remains full of uncertainty, with much seemingly dependent on the power struggle centered in Mexico City over the presidency. Those currently in the saddle are doing everything possible to insure continuance of PAN/PRI rule, but the majority of Mexicans may be ready for much more fundamental changes. Education, true education, is indeed subversive. Adelante!

  • BREAKING NEWS: Teachers Seize Radio Stations in Oaxaca
  • Recent APPO Statement: Red Alert in Oaxaca!
  • La repression continue a Oaxaca - Mexique (fr)
  • Lessons of the Israeli-Lebanese War for the Anarchist Movement

    The war between Israel and Hezballah is temporarily over. The left has taken a range of positions on the Israeli-Lebanese war. Anarchists have opposed the U.S.-Israeli aggression, pointing out the reactionary nature of both sides in the war. However, many have tended to equate the two sides, to treat them as equally bad, and to call for opposing the war on both sides. While there is a good deal of confusion on this issue among anarchists, it is my impression that most have failed to support the oppressed against the oppressor in this war.

  • See also: Eyewitness Lebanon: In the land of the Blind (Michael Schmidt, ZACF)
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