Class Struggle Against Borders In Ontario

Class Struggle Against Borders in Ontario

by Jeff Shantz (NEFAC-Toronto)

Much has been made in recent social theory of the "flow" across borders supposedly characterizing the age of globalization. Even left social activists have been drawn to emphasize mobility and the supposed permeability of borders. For example, one activist and academic inspired by the works of Gramsci and Freire, suggests, perhaps hopefully, that "the complex process of globalization that has increasingly decentralized production and centralized decision-making has diminished the importance of borders and of the nation-states within them" (Barndt, 1996: 243). New technologies, most notably the internet, are credited with facilitating global communications and global networks of anti-capitalist activism. These networks have, in turn, facilitated a move beyond the nationalism which characterized earlier struggles such as those against free trade.

BOOK REVIEW: Facing The Enemy

A book review of Alexandre Skirda's "Facing the Enemy: A History of Anarchist Organization from Proudhon to May 1968" printed in NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #5

Freedom And Revolution: The Bolshevik Experience

Originally printed in Red & Black Revolution; recently reprinted in NORTHEASTERN ANARCHIST #5

MaRK Laskey

Articles by MaRk Laskey



by Alain Pengam


Anarchist-communism has been regarded by other anarchist currents as a poor and despised relation, an ideological trophy to be exhibited according to the needs of hagiography or polemic before moving on to "serious things" (the collectivizations of Spain, anarcho-syndicalism, federalism or self-management), and as an "infantile utopia" more concerned with dogmatic abstractions than with "economic realities". Yet, anarchist communism has been the only current within the anarchist movement which has explicitly aimed not only at ending exchange value but, among it's most coherent partisans, at making this the immediate content of the revolutionary process. We are speaking here, of course, only of the current which explicitly described itself as "anarchist-communist", whereas in fact the tendency in the nineteenth century to draw up a stateless communism "utopia" extended beyond anarchism properly so-called.

Interview With Roundhouse Collective Of NEFAC

Interview with Roundhouse Collective of NEFAC

by Penny Howard and Josh Brown

NEFAC is the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists. It is a federation of collectives in the north-eastern US, Quebec, and Toronto. The Roundhouse Collective is a member of NEFAC in Baltimore, Maryland. This interview was conducted with Roundhouse members Flint, Jim, and Andrew, as well as Roundhouse supporters Jason and Matt. NEFAC’s website is:

Vers La Gr

Northeastern Anarchist #4

The Northeastern Anarchist

Issue #4, Spring/Summer 2002

Class Struggle Beyond Anti-Globalization Protest


Archives: Position d'Émile-Henry sur l'organisation

(Le Groupe anarchiste Émile-Henry fut l'un des groupes fondateurs la NEFAC. Comme un lecteur averti s'en sera rendu compte, la position d'Émile-Henry a "légèrement" influencée celle de la NEFAC... )

Argentina: Riot Or Revolution?

Nicolas, an anarchist activist and student living in Boston, speaks about the turmoil he wintnessed first-hand when he returned home to Argentina this December.

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