Libertad #1

NEFAC-New England está muy orgullosa de anunciar la primera edición de nuestro nuevo boletín regional, 'Libertad.'

Freedom #1

Pittsburgh: On Richard Poplawski, Edward Perkovic, and right-wing white supremacy

Public statement on the recent Pittsburgh police killings by the Greater Pittsburgh Anarchist Collective -

Much has been said of the recent shootings in Pittsburgh involving a supposed white supremacist that resulted in the deaths of 3 police officers. We would like to provide information on the ideology of Richard Poplawski and his friends and to also express our anger at the hypocrisy of the media regarding the recent events.

One Battle Won: VFW Cancels White Supremacist Event

The Boston Anti-Racist Coalition excited to hear that the April 11th event scheduled to be at the South Boston VFW has officially been canceled. We want to thank all the individuals,groups and media who have put a spotlight on this despicable event that was to be held in our backyards. This sends a clear message to all hate groups, racists and bigots that Boston is not a welcome venue for such events and will never be so.

Everyone who called the VFW, the media and who spread the word of this event should be very proud. They should take great pride in the fact that these racist speakers, bands and their supporters will always have to walk on egg shells and face the very real prospect of their events being exposed to the general public, wherever and whenever they rear their ugly heads. We have pushed them further out into the fringe and the irrelevant and will continue to do so until they are no more.

Philly Budget Wars 2.0: We Won’t Pay for Your Crisis…Tax the Rich, Not Us!

By Sean West (NEFAC-Philly) and Scott Pinkelman (Budget Crunchers)

It would be an understatement to call the recent struggle against Mayor Michael Nutter’s proposed service cuts anything but amazing. Under the banner called the Coalition for Essential Services, a movement of neighborhood groups, most of the cities major unions, health care activists, students, clergy, block captains, seniors and many more essentially put such a fire under our Mayor’s rear that he was forced to abandon many of his plans to balance the budget by cutting services to working people and poor neighborhoods. After witnessing many lively protests of The Coalition to Save the Libraries such as the “People’s Indictment of Mayor Nutter” and a “People’s Contempt of Court Citation”, it was surreal to see the movement’s slogans co-opted by Nutter as he announced his FY 2010 budget on March 19th in City Hall chambers as “The People’s Budget.”

DC Day laborers demand pay

by Alex (Balt-Wash NEFAC), Photos by Isis

Day laborers and supporters pressure DC City Council to stop wage theft, establish worker's center

On March 19th, a group of about twenty DC day laborers and supporters filed into DC City Hall to testify at the City Council's performance and budget oversight hearing over the Department of Employment Services, and demand accountability from the DOES's Office of Wage and Hour, which has a dismal record on fighting wage theft suffered by day laborers and the homeless in DC. They also were there to push for the City Council's assistance in building a Worker's Center in Ward 5 to further confront worker's abuses.

Colibri Workers Fight Back!

By Deric Shannon (Hartford NEFAC)

Vermont Healthcare Rally Only the Beginning

by Harry S.

Over 250 people gathered for a rally outside of the University of Vermont's Davis Center, where inside regional politicians and healthcare lobbyists met for the Obama administration's regional healthcare reform forum. The forum was hosted by Governors Douglas of Vermont and Patrick of Massachusetts. The message from the 250+ demonstrators outside was clear: A single payer universal healthcare system is the only solution to the current healthcare crisis.

March 17, 2009

UMass Trustees Raise Fees, Despite Protest

by Michelle (NEFAC-Western Mass.)

February 27, 2009

Today, I woke up at 4 am. Knocked on my roommates door to wake him up also and stuffed some snacks in my bag for the long day ahead of me. Our ride showed up at 4:30, and we were on our way to UMass Amherst to catch one of the two school buses to Dartmouth. We were on our way to try to persuade the UMass Board of Trustees to table the vote to increase our fees by $1,500 next year.

Anti-Capitalism at the New School

Recently there has been a lot of talk connecting the specific conditions at the New School with the general conditions of society-at-large. You may have heard the material and intellectual concerns of students couched in a radical critique of capitalism, injustice and hierarchical power. On the surface, this may seem abstract and out of touch with the everyday life of students at the university. It may appear as an attempt to shoehorn unrelated “activism” into an otherwise simple administrative matter. However, when we delve below the surface appearance of everyday life, it becomes clear that a generalized critique of society based on the twin logics of capitalist accumulation and hierarchical domination has everything to do with our struggle to redefine our school. The following is an attempt to communicate this relation between the general and particular and to reach out to those students who may feel distanced from last semester’s occupation.

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