Marine Refuses To Fight

An article about Lance Cpl. Stephen Funk's refusal to fight in the war on Iraq.

Irish Trade Unionists Call For Boycott Of War Work

Tue, Apr 1 2003, A couple of us have got together and drawn up the pledge below, which calls on the workers in Shannon to refuse to co-operate with the re-fuelling of US
military planes. The idea behind it is to try to get a large number of trade unionists to issue the call and also to pledge themselves to support any worker who might be disciplined for doing so. TUCAW has no existance beyond
this petition and is not connected to any political party - it is simply one more contribution towards stopping the war.


Three Montreal Organizers Face Jury Trial and Potential Prison Sentences.

An Appeal for Your Support and Solidarity

Steve Hesske: Distant Voices Calling Me

The Death Star managers of Operation Iraqi Freedom and their compliant shills, America's mainstream media, are doing their damndest to suppress the dark history of Vietnam while American tanks roll toward Baghdad, but two more reminders from the macabre lexicon of Nam are now part of America's current sad and sick endeavor. Combat refusal and Friendly fire.

10 Days That Shook Iraq

The following text was published as a four page leaflet in 1991 and was one of the first sources of information in English about the uprisings in Southern Iraq and Kuridstan. It was later published in the magazine 'Wildcat'.

Gulf War Or Class War (Iraq-Iran War)

This leaflet was produced after US intervention against Iran during the Iran-Iraq war. The recent U.S. shelling of an Iranian oil platform represents a significant escalation of the war in the Gulf. There is no mystery as to why nations go to war - it is for the same reason that small-town gangsters go to war..., economic competition.

Striking Against The Work/War Machine

All that Bush and Rumsfeld talk of "freedom-loving forces of democracy" is exposed as lying doublespeak by the hostile and alienating nature of work in this society. People can see that it doesn't add up, and know when they're being sold a line. What to do about it is the next question.

Barricada #23, March 2003

March issue of Barricada focusing on workers' struggles.

Conflit dans les concessionnaires automobiles

Conflit dans les concessionnaires automobiles:
« les patrons essaient de casser le syndicat »

Le lock-out dans les concessionnaires automobiles de la région de Québec,
qui dure depuis le 11 décembre, est réapparu sur l’écran radar des médias
au mois de mars. Il y a d’abord eu les manifestations de syndiqués,
groupant plus de 700 personnes, lors du Salon de l’auto puis, quelques
semaines plus tard, une sortie des patrons accusants le Syndicat National
des Employés de Garage (SNEG-CSD) d’avoir quitté la table de négociation
en refusant une «offre substantielle » de la partie patronale.

La conscription des pauvres : l'Armée recrute la classe ouvrière pour le front

(NdlT: Pour envoyer 300 000 soldats dans le Golfe Persique, il faut forcément que l'Armée américaine ait beaucoup de soldats. Puisqu'il n'y a plus de conscription, comme dans le temps du Vietnam, il faut bien que les recrues soient 'volontaires'. Peu de médias se sont penchés sur la nature du recrutement de l'Armée américaine, c'est ce que font ici deux militantes de la NEFAC à Boston.)

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