Montreal G20 Trial Enters Second Week: Update And Appeal For Support

The Crown began its case against Jonathan, Jaggi and Christina with a witness list that is made up exclusively of police officers and hotel security guards.

The Angry Tenant (issue #1)

The Angry Tenant is the bi-lingual (English/Spanish) newspaper of the Boston Angry Tenants Union (BATU), a grassroots, tenant-run organization, whose mission is to organize tenants to act militantly and collectively in order to change the state of housing in Boston.

Police Violence Shocks Activists, Others At Port Of Oakland Protest

Oakland police shoot unarmed anti-war protesters and dockworkers.

Oakland Cops Shoot Protestors And Longshoreman With Wooden Bullets

Oakland Police shoot anti-war picketers and dockworkers.

G20 Trial Update: Jury Is Selected; Crown Excludes Blacks And Students (Montreal)

MONTREAL, APRIL 7, 2003 -- The G-20 "riot" trial began today at Montreal's Palais de Justice, with the selection of a 9-woman, 3-man jury to judge activists and organizers Jonathan Aspireault-Masse, Christina Xydous and Jaggi Singh on the charge of "participating in a riot".

La Position Des Anarchistes Sur La Guerre

En g

One Million Participate In Italian General Strike Against The War

On Wednesday 2nd April 2003 a General Strike was called by the following "base unions" [grassroots, radical unions]: CUB, COBAS, SIN COBAS, USI-AIT and SLAI COBAS.

The Northeastern Anarchist: Anti-War Supplementary Out Now!

The Northeastern Anarchist

Special Anti-War Supplement

Fight The Real Enemy... NO WAR BUT THE CLASS WAR!In response to US-led imperial conquest currently taking place in Iraq (which, in sick irony has been dubbed "Operation Iraqi Freedom") those of us from the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) have published a special anti-war edition of 'The Northeastern Anarchist'.

Anti-War Analysis

The Demise Of Love & Rage: What Happened?

The following article is a revised version of an unpublished paper originally written in November 1998. Although two of the three groups mentioned are now defunct, the issues raised in the Love and Rage factional struggle are still quite relevant to the anarchist movement today.

AWOL GI Refuses Service In 'Gulf War II'

U.S. Army Private Wilfredo Torres stepped forward this past Monday (November 18, 2002) to say he was absent without leave for nearly a year because he wanted no part of a U.S. invasion of Iraq.

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