OCAP Trial: Police Reaction Criticized

Apr. 25, 2003. 01:00 AM

Social activist Judy Rebick says a "relatively peaceful" anti-poverty demonstration at Queen's Park turned violent because police "over-reacted" and charged their horses into the crowd.

Proces G20: Le Verdict Est NON COUPABLE!!!

MONTREAL, jeudi le 24 avril 2003 -- Apres avoir delibere pendant plus
d'une journee, un jury de Montreal compose de 9 femmes et de 2 hommes a
rendu avec assurance un verdict de "non coupable" dans le proces pour
emeute des activistes Jonathan Aspireault-Masse, Jaggi Singh et Christina

Montreal G20 Trial Verdict: NOT GUILTY!!!

MONTREAL, Thursday, April 24, 2003 -- After deliberating for more than one
day, a Montreal jury of 9 women and 2 men returned an emphatic verdict of
"not guilty" in the riot trial of activists Jonathan Aspireault-Masse,
Jaggi Singh and Christina Xydous. The charges date back to October 23,
2000, more than two-and-a-half years ago, when over 1000 people gathered
in downtown Montreal to protest a meeting of the G-20 (which includes the
heads of the IMF and World Bank). The trial lasted three weeks.

Riots Greet Would-Be Leader Of Mosul

US special forces struggled to impose order in Mosul yesterday after a public address by the self-styled governor of Iraq's third largest city descended into a riot involving several thousand people, in which 12 were reported killed and at least 16 injured.

The Kurdistan Shoras Resistance

Outbreaks of resistance spread rapidly across the north of the Iraq, towards the end of the Gulf War I, and were completely spontaneous, popular insurrections free from, and in spite of, the influence of Kurdish nationalism and leftist splinter-politics. What they would have achieved if they had been joined by returning Iraqi soldiers massacred along the now infamous road to Basra in the south of the country, and if the too short-lived revolt there had lasted
long enough to link up the struggle, is another question.

OCAP Trial Told Of `harsh Reprisal'

Professor saw police beat protester
Witness shocked by horses charging crowd

Proces G20: En Attendant Le Verdict / G20 Trial: Waiting For A Verdict

Petite mise a jour par les accuseEs du G20; Christina Xydous, Jonathan Aspireault-Masse et Jaggi Singh...

A quick update from the G20 Trial of Christina Xydous, Jonathan Aspireault-Masse and Jaggi Singh ...

Iraqis Block Marines, Throw Rocks

Dozens of protesters blocked U.S. Marines trying to cross the main bridge over the Tigris River in this southern Iraqi city Wednesday - a more than four-hour standoff sparked by the detentions of two Iraqis.

Anarchist Says Law On His Side: Charges Baseless, Singh Tells Court

Wednesday, April 23, 2003

A self-described anarchist yesterday called on the law to serve as a basis for his acquittal on a charge of participating in a riot, saying he was targeted for arrest by police at the G20 protest in downtown Montreal more than two years ago.

Mujeres Libres, Martha Ackelsberg, Montreal 2 Mai

-La Lutte Anti-Patriarcale au Sein du Mouvement Anarchiste
-Anti-Patriarchal Struggles within the Anarchist Movement

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