May Day Focuses On Housing In Peterborough, Ontario

Over four months, PCAP will publicly visit abandoned buildings throughout the city which could be opened up for housing. One of these will be squatted. A few dozen people (including members of the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, based in Toronto) gathered on an overcast day in Confederation Park in downtown Peterborough. Speakers discussed housing issues, May Day and the labour movement, along with the agenda for private control of public space led by the downtown business association.

Making Dreams Real

Can we depend on the education of our class from the writings of those who would be lost if placed into the reality of that which they write about?

The Intelligentsia And The Class Struggle

Looking up from the toil of ages, the workers sees and feels the burden of their exploitation and wonders why it does not change? It matters not if they were land workers of 500 years ago, a factory worker of a hundred years ago, or a fast food worker today struggling to make ends meet, the burden of toil continues with little real change.

Victory Against Immigration Canada! Delores Wins Status

After 9 years in Canada, Delores Murray has finally been granted approval to remain here as a permanent resident.

Quelquechose Se Passe Dans Le Monde : Le Comite D'action Pour Les Sans-statut AlgerienNEs A Confronte Coderre Afin De Reclamer J

Montreal, 3 mai 2003-- Vingt AlgerienNEs sans statut ont assiste au discours durant les lunch de Denis Coderre, ministre de l'immigration, lors d'une conference sur les lois sur la citoyennete et l'immigration.

Something's Going On In The World: The Action Committee For Non-Status Algerians Confronts Coderre To Demand Justice For The 'ex

Montreal, May 3rd, 2003 -- Twenty non-status Algerians gained admittance to Minister of Immigration Denis Coderre's lunch-time address at a Citizenship and Immigration Law Conference.

How To Support Striking Projectionists

Here are a few simple things anyone can do to support the projectionists on strike for union recognition at the Somerville Theater in Somerville Massachusetts.

Somerville Theater Projectionists Attacked On Picket Line

When Somerville Theater projectionists approached their manager to demand
union recognition, he told them it had been nice knowing them. The
projectionists had been attempting for months to resolve low pay and
unhealthy working conditions before joining IATSE...

Somerville Projectionists Strike: Report From The Frontlines

May 1st marked the first day of the projectionist strike at the Somerville Theater in Davis Sq., after management refused voluntary union recognition of workers looking to affiliate with IATSE Local 182, who are organizing to demand better pay (most make minimum wage), health coverage, a healthier work environment, and a moredemocratic workplace.

Victory For Somerville Projectionists!

After having been locked-out for over ten weeks, projectionists at the Somerville Theatre have emerged victorious in their struggle for union recognition. The management has agreed to voluntarily recognize the union, sign a fair contract, and pay full back wages to all locked-out employees. Although this was a modest struggle in and of itself, we see it as a significant victory for young, exploited and pissed off workers everywhere.

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