No Second Trial For The OCAP Three Accused!

On May 11, the Judge declared a mistrial in the case of Stefan Pilipa, Gaetan Heroux and John Clarke. For four months, the three had been in a Toronto courtroom defending themselves on charges of 'participating in a riot', 'counselling to participate in a riot' and 'counselling to assault police. They faced maximum prison terms of up to five years in jail.

"There Are Not Twelve People In Ontario That Can Find These Men Guilty"

Trial of the "OCAP three" ends in a mistrial.

OCAP announces new campaign against the conservative government.

CAW President Calls For OCAP Organizers' Charges To Be Dropped

"The charges of riot and counseling to riot are outdated, outmoded relics of repressive, antiquated laws that were once used to suppress trade unions and other popular movements."

Review: Organizational Platform Of The Libertarian Communists

Organizational Platform of the Libertarian Communists
by Dielo Trouda Group, 1926 (Workers Solidarity Movement, 1989); 34pp. $5

- reviewed by Mick Black (NEFAC-Toronto) & Jessica, Sabate Anarchist Collective (NEFAC-Boston)

Race And Class: Movement Debate Between BTR And NEFAC

from 'The Northeastern Anarchist' #6

Build The Cadre, Abolish The White Race
by Roy San Filippo, (BTR-Los Angeles)

I was happy to see the series of essays by NEFAC in response to the Bring the Ruckus (BTR) political statement. BTR was written, in part, to generate political discussion and I am glad NEFAC took the time to engage us. We would welcome and encourage continued discussion of these or other ideas publicly or privately.

Mistrial In Queen's Park Riot Case

Foreperson's note recounted emotional drama behind deadlocked jury

May 9th Update On Somerville Theatre Projectionists Organizing Drive

The Struggle Continues!

Week 2: Somerville Projectionists Strike Update

As our first week of being on strike comes to an end, we just wanted to let everyone know where we stand.

Premier Mai : La Lutte Continue!

Le premier mai c’est, depuis plus d’un siècle, la
journée internationale des travailleurs et des

GI In Tent Attack Was Harassed, Mom Says

Sergeant accused in grenade deaths was humiliated by officers and fellow soldiers because of his Islamic faith, he tells mother.

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