York Anti Racist Demonstrator Tim Fasnacht Sentanced To Jail Time

Tim's final appeal was rejected by a panel of 3 judges of the Superior Court of Pennsylvania. He was charged with disorderly conduct and now must serve a 90 day sentence beginning February 9th 2004.

To add insult to injury Tim's lawyers never informed him of the verdict which was rendered on November 14th. He found out virtually by accident when the county prison mailed his old address the necessary information for reporting to the prison. He did not receive the official verdict notice until this week.

Tim requested an extension of time but a superior court judge immediately denied it.

Tim is in danger of losing his job. In a week or so he must begin serving the time and his job of the last 7 years is asking him to resign and to reapply when he gets out. Not a good sign at all.

Any and all help is appreciated. We may not have been able to keep Tim from going to jail but we can do our best to see that this incident does not completely disrupt and turn his life upside down.

For info on how to support Tim send an email to:

For background info on the York demonstration read the following link.