Update On Vancouver Squeegee Workers

Update on police repression of squeegee workers in Vancouver B.C.This is what Vancouver looks like
Had good holidays? Lots of money in the air... But thinking about giving and receiving gifts, we sometime forget what's happening to others.

On December 23, a squeegee worker, in Vancouver, was jailed. This squeegee worker got, a couple months ago, a bail that said that it was illegal for him to possess a squeegee. Later, he got one that saying he cannot be in nearly all of Vancouver's downtown Westside. So he got arrested and spent 2 weeks in jail, and he will probably get more than a month next time he's caught with a squeegee. He's already spent more than 2 and half months in jail since march 2003, when the VPD started the anti-squeegee project, and has a lot of court dates to come.

His crime? He is a squeegee worker. He started like the other squeegee workers, by getting court date, then conditions of having no squeegee, then jail...

Also, if people remember about the arrested squeegee organizers (from IWW Vancouver), there's update about it. You can see the original stories at

One of the two arrested had his trial set for December 10 2004 (and has conditions of seeing bail supervisor and to not associate with 2 people who were a member and supporter of the IWW/squeegee council). The girl who was arrested missed her court date, got arrested and had some problems in court (she did not have the time to call a lawyer before and took a duty council lawyer...She didn't know court too well as it was the first time she has had to deal with it).
She now has another no contact order with her co-accused(yet another IWW/squeegee council member) and have to see a bail supervisor EVERY FUCKING DAY!

The accusations both arrested are facing are built on stupid lies. A copy of the particulars can be sent to anyone who asks for it, so just contact us). Both arrested are accused of assaulting "peace" officer. On the particulars, both cops who've supposedly been assaulted don't even say they were, and all the others cops say different versions...

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