Jordan Matthew Feder - PRESENTE!

February 11th, 1980 - November 26, 2003


"I cried when I found out that you had died, and I cried as I poured a shovel-full of dirt on your grave.

Some day, I'll see you again. I'll tell you how we won the revolution, and I'll bring you a souvenir: maybe a plastic bullet, or a tattered red and black flag, or a chunk of the White House."

On November 26, Jordan Feder - anti-fascist, street medic, humanitarian activist - died in North Carolina of meningitis while returning from a week of protesting the Free Trade Area of the Americas in Miami, FL. He served as a medic during part of his time in Miami, volunteering to clean off medical equipment that was contaminated and helping fellow activists who were exposed to chemical weapons. Jordan contracted Neisseria meningitis, which is the most deadly form of bacterial meningitis. It can kill a relatively healthy person in just a few days because the bacteria get into the bloodstream and cause organ failure.

Jordan was a dedicated member of Anti-Racist Action (ARA), having been involved for over 3 years since founding his own chapter at his university. When he graduated college in 2002 and returned home to New Jersey, he immediately got involved with New Jersey ARA. Jordan was highly involved with this chapter over the past few years, dedicating much of his time and energy to fighting hatred and racism. He was also very involved with, and dedicated to, building and sustaining the Anti-Racist Action Network Store. To this end, he organized the entire ARA Network to be a presence on the Warped Tour, making sure that chapters tabled shows throughout the US and Canada. Jordan even flew out to California to ensure those shows were covered and also participated in most of the dates on the East Coast. In addition to his work for the ARA Store, he also helped to gather intelligence on fascist activity, participated in numerous demonstrations and worked for the rights of immigrants.

Jordan was always there to help his friends and comrades - whether it was for political organizing or for personal relationships. He never hesitated to drop what he was doing to lend a helping hand. Jordan was someone you could go to with your problems, knowing that he would help cheer you up. Whether it was talking you through hard times, promising to run away with you because you were depressed, or just bringing you chocolate, you could always count on him.

Words cannot convey what a selfless, generous and loving person Jordan was. He is the kind of person most people wait a lifetime to meet and we are honored and grateful that we had the opportunity to build bonds of love and solidarity with him.

Jordan touched so many people's lives and we will never forget him. His funeral was attended by more than three hundred people and had over 70 cars in the procession at his gravesite.

Last year, we all made a pact that if any of us were killed in the course of our struggle, the rest of us would continue with greater intensity. Jordan made us promise that we would continue to fight, and fight harder than ever.

However Jordan's illness was caused, we know that ultimately, if it was not so necessary for Jordan to be in Miami because of the repressive policies of exploitation carried out by the State, were it not for the arrogance and greed of corporations meeting behind walled summits, forcing thousands to stand up and demand the rights that are ours to begin with-were it not for what this struggle takes from us, physically and emotionally-then perhaps Jordan would have been strong enough to recover and we would all still be blessed with his presence.

We pledge to continue fighting the injustices Jordan fought against and know that he will always be there, fighting alongside us:

Jordan Matthew Feder - PRESENTE!

"Your heart is a muscle the size of your fist, keep loving, keep fighting."

With much love and solidarity...