Vermont: Santa Claus Presented The Grinch Of The Year Award To Bashara Corporation

Santa Claus Presented The Grinch of the Year Award to Bashara Corporation

Montpelier, VT - Santa Clause, in full seasonal regalia, attempted to present coal to representatives from the Bashara Corporation in recognition of the recent unjust pre-holiday season firing of union supporter Val Tofani, a mother of two young children. In addition, the Bashara
Corporation has 20 pending unfair labor practice charges filed against them with the NLRB.

Santa, with no Bashara representatives willing to receive the award, announced the award to all the customers of the restaurant. In response, management called the police on Santa, and one manager told Santa that he was willing to physically assault him outside. "I’ll drop you," was
told to Father Christmas by a Bashara Corporation manager.

Following the presentation of this award, Santa, who knows who has been naughty and nice, presented candy cane goodies to a number of Montpelier businesses which are more supportive of the Downtown Workers’ Union. These included, the Savoy Theatre, Karma Imports, La Pizzeria, Charlio’s, and the Book Garden.


James Haslam,
Vermont Workers’ Center

Kim Lawson,