Threadbare Demands Stop To Deportations - 4 Men To Be Illegally Deported Tomorrow (Tuesday Nov 4)


For Immediate Release
Monday, November 3, 2003

TORONTO - Members of Project Threadbare are acting urgently to stop further deportations of four more men, arrested and detained without charge on false allegations that they pose a threat to national security.

Last week, three more men were deported to Pakistan on Olympic Airways,
bringing the total number of illegal deportations to five. All these men
were denied their most basic rights to due process, access to legal
representation and to a Pre-Removal Risk Assessment (PRA), which is
guaranteed to anyone facing deportation. Since these men have been
slandered with the label 'terrorist', many airlines refused to carry out
these deportations. Olympic Airways was the only airline to agree to fly
these men back to Pakistan, even though passengers boarding the plane
expressed their utter dismay at the situation and asked that the men be
taken off the flight.

Despite all allegations that they pose a security threat were dropped,
Canada has refused to publicly exonerate them. As a result, on their
arrival in Pakistan, they were taken into federal custody and interrogated
for 16 hours. They were later released on bail as the Pakistani government
begins a further investigation into their lives. Their plight has taken on
a new and dangerous course as they and their families have been receiving

Recognising the danger of the situation in Pakistan, Project Threadbare
has reached a critical point in its campaign, where it will draw on all
its resources to stop all further deportations.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 4, Citizenship and Immigration Canada plans to
conduct four more illegal deportations. The detainees and their coalition
of supporters are demanding a stay of deportations until they are granted
full and due process and an official statement exonerating them.
Deportation hearings for the four will be held tomorrow morning at 74
Victoria Street. Project Threadbare promises to be there at 9:00 a.m. to
make all its demands loud and clear. The men have been asked to report to
the Greater Toronto Enforcement Centre the same day to be taken to the
airport for removal.

The released detainees and members of Project Threadbare will be holding a
press conference at 6900 Airport Road at 11:30 am to allow these men to
have a chance to voice their experiences before being illegally deported.

Furthermore, one of the detainees has been booked on a Pakistani
International Airlines (PIA) at 16:15 hrs. Passengers must be informed
that the airline is conducting the business of deportations. An info
picket at Terminal 3 will follow the press conference.

Project Threadbare is a Toronto-wide coalition that came together in
response to the arrest and detention on twenty Pakistani men and one south
Indian man in August 2003. Project Threadbare refers to the RCMP
investigation called "Project Thread" which, although it has produced no
clear evidence of any wrongdoing by any of the men, is the basis on which they have all been held.

SOURCE: Farrah-Marie Miranda
CONTACT: Amandeep Kaur (416) 801-2923 cell