Update Of Police Repression On Squeegee Council

Thursday October 23, 2003 at 03:16 PM

Update of police repression on squeegee council
A couple correction and update are nessery.

The cops stole 23 beers and finally stole people squeegees. .The union card was ripped off, and Blay and Belle were thinking the receipt was too, but it felt on the floor or something, cos we got it back by a comrade we know . Blay was only punched once in the face.3 comrades got j-walking tickets, not one. Finally, the two squeegee council/iww member got realesed with brutal condition, and fortunatly, we got the pictures of
the mass squeegee demo back.
The conditions are, for both of them:
-Report to a bail supervisor at 275 E. Cordova street, Vancouver,B.C. before 12 pm on 23 october 2003 and thereafter as when and where directed by a bail supervisor .( which means once a week, or at each two week maximum)
-Not to possess any weapons as defined in the criminal code of Canada
-Have no direct or indirect contact with xxxxx and xxxxx.
It is to mention that the two person ( the xxxxx) did not got arrested at that time, they were just, with 2 or 3 other, withness of the scene(and in some point actor...) Those two persons are one guy who is member of squeegee council/Iww and the other, a girl who support and is there at each of our meeting. They are two of our squeegee partner...That's how the police deal with the right of association.
Seeing that, we realised that a legal fund is absolutly needed, as a stronger organisation is two...
People can support us with:
-Create other squeegee union, or any kind of lumpen proletarian union to unite our voice...
-Work with us on issue we have in common (for any groups or individuals)
-Playing benefit concert
-Making a squeegee fundraising action somewhen with us
-Donation of:
-Fabric(One member of the council is sewer) to make fundraising clothes.
-Printer(if you have a old printer you don't use anymore) or free printing or photocopying( for making and selling pamphlet)
-Spare change

Email: squeegee_council@ziplip.com

Voice mail: 604-682-3269 ext: 7401

Address: Squeegee Council
c/o Spartacus Books
311 W. Hastings St.
Vancouver, B.C.
V6B 1H6