Message About Bolivia From The Uruguayan Anarchist Federation - FAU

According to a recent communication from the Uruguayan comrades of the FAU (Uruguayan Anarchist Federation), dated 15th Oct., the events in Bolivia are truly insurrectional, bearing in mind that the FAU are following the events
by Internet, not through the mass media which have published little or anything. (Of course it doesn't interest the mass media to publish a rebellion when there are social situations of the same likeness and similar oppressors.)

In Uruguay there is a somewhat lighter popular mobilisation against the overlapped intents to privatise oil refineries. We are talking about the same oil companies as in Bolivia, what a coincidence! A popular plebiscite that can annul the law that the government has already approved has been
achieved. If the plebiscite were to be held today, the law would be
rejected; but the government, and the political parties that conform it,
will use all their means to support the previous law. For the time being,
they haven't changed the people's spirit, we will see if this continues,
everything seems to indicate that it will. There is a lot of poverty, which
continues to grow, dissatisfaction and the [desire to] fight is very strong.
Although it is far from being the same as that which the Bolivian comrades
are living.

Juan Carlos


Official statement of the Uruguayan Anarchist Federation (FAU)

To the suffering and brave people of Bolivia: Health!
Gas, oppression and blood in the Bolivian drama.

The great March of Wednesday 15th. "We ask the population to go to the
streets to support the blockades. Let us organize the resistance in the
event of repression says the call of the 'Gas Defence Coordinating Committee
'". This people's combat has already caused the project to deliver the gas
to be put on hold.

The best eyes in our Latin America and the world observe today with pain and
hope the struggle of the Bolivians, in their suffering and despoilment.
Their rebelliousness, militancy and desire for a better world are part of
our best history. The tyrants, the oligarchy, the followers of the empire
have spilled their blood in different historical moments. But they have not
been able to silence their yearnings for justice and freedom.

As in other centuries, today in the 21st century, the people take to the
streets, opposing the murderers of the system that only continue to offer
them misery and oppression. The people say: 'No more!'" No to the macabre
designs of infinite cruelty, of global and imperial neo-liberalism.

Their indignation, their anger, their painful cries for justice, their
desire to take over the street, to face the brutal repression is an
invigorating example for all the peoples of the world that suffer yet still

Against this brutal model, against this structure of transnational world
dominance, against the timid demands put forward by so many, the brave and
strong Bolivian peoples are showing their chests and clenched fists.

Marches, unlimited strikes, highway blockades, the mobilization and struggle
in the streets, mountains, forests and plains have shocked and paralysed
Bolivia; they have transformed the demand to not surrender the gas to the
transnational companies and the resignation of the puppet government of