Less Talk, More Squats

Winter is coming...
Now is not the time to ask for housing.
Now is the time to take it.

Assemble at All Saints' Church
Saturday, November 8th
Meal provided

We have a new Liberal government in Queen's Park and a new Mayor will be in City Hall in November. The politicians are talking about the need for 'change' in this city and province. But OCAP knows very well that for the poor and homeless, we will only get change if we are prepared to fight for it. The Tory legacy still stains our everyday lives - it must be removed. Immediate problems call for immediate solutions.

All over the east end of Toronto, poor communities are under attack. Developers, upscale home buyers and municipal planners are laying the groundwork to drive out those who have lived in the area for years and create a playground for yuppies.

On November 8th , two days before the Toronto municipal elections, OCAP will be resisting this drive by taking housing for the homeless. Once we have claimed a building, we will demand of the Mayor and other members of the new Council that they meet with us to negotiate around the following:

1. The building we take over must be opened as housing. Its residents must be left in possession of the property, with heat, lighting, and water made available.

2. Social housing units must be created in the east end, to house all people living in the neighbourhood's homeless shelters.

3. Using its zoning powers, the City must protect existing low income housing stock and freeze the creation of condos until adequate housing for poor people has been created.

4. A major drive to inspect existing rental housing in the area must be undertaken to ensure adequate repair and maintence, and to protect the housing that already exists.

The low income residents of central Toronto's east end have a right to be housed. This right takes priority over lakeshore condos, yuppie 'quality of life' and developers' profits. We intend to cut through the fake talk and empty promises with serious action to defend a poor community under attack.

If you want to help build the housing action, we are hosting a meeting of all individuals and groups interested in standing with us for housing on November 8th . Join us on Wednesday October 22nd at 6pm in our office at 10 Britain St.

And above all, come out on that day and take a stand for justice and the right to housing.

Wednesday Oct 22nd
10 Britain Street

Assemble at All Saint's Church
November 8th
A meal will be provided.

Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
NEW ADDRESS!: 10 Britain St. Toronto, Ontario M5A 1R6
416-925-6939 ocap@tao.ca www.ocap.ca