Never Mind The By-laws, Here's The Squeegee Council

We are not yet well known by the public because we refuse to speak with corporate media. We plan to pass our message through the independent media, and directly, so the message is the least deformed as possible.

The squeegee council is run democratically and the members are squeegee workers or those who have stopped squeegeeing because of the repression. People can join the council without joining the I.W.W., but everybody freely decided to join the union too, so we empowered ourselves.

Our group is open to every squeegee worker, and everybody is welcome to support us whatever their gender, age, race, nationality, (sub)culture , sexual orientation, beliefs, mental or physical handicaps.

Our way of acting is very open and respectful of everybody's choice of tactics. We want our actions to be creative because we are tired of protest as usual and we want to inspire other oppressed people so they will create their own union and action. After us, a buskers' union started and they played at our mass squeegee protest.

We, the squeegee council / I.W.W., intend to fight the battle on two fronts: legal and social. In the month and half, since our creation, we merely did nothing on the legal front because the social one took most of our resources .The big point of the legal struggle is to prove the cops are illegal when they steal our working tools, when they terrorize us with their 'pennywagon' ride, when they run after us on the side walk with their motorcycles. To prove that they are unfair when they ticket only us for stuff that everybody does, like J-Walking. Well, we wanna prove they are more criminal than us. We start this legal fight by asking everybody who wanna fight their tickets and charges to contact us.

On the social front, we're trying to pass our message directly whenever possible. We were there at the Carnegie center to welcome the police chief with a lot of legal questions he did not answer, we organized flyering and complaints to a liquor store that then stopped the unfair conditions on two members that were not able to buy alcohol because "squeegee people stink and are filthy"

On Oct 10, we organized a mass squeegee action. We tried to make it a fundraising and disruptive action. The action was not that much disruptive and only brought 25$ to the council, 'cause too many people were keeping the action's money for themselves. The better point of this protest was that it brought a lot of kids that we never see on the other protests. If we can show those kids that they do have a voice, that they're affected and concerned, concretely and directly, by capitalism , if we show there's hope to those who already know that, the movement can only win. Of course, it will not be done right now, by our little group only, because we don't have this little red book and the 'fire this time' magazine to lead the movement, (1) but we can and we are a part of the resistance.

We hope that the act of unionizing squeegees will inspire other squeegee workers everywhere, as there's a lot of reasons to do so. The support we got from the union was almost necessary for a group starting with nothing but a bunch of squeegees who didn't know yet what organizing means, and also for the status of unionized workers. That completely pisses off the pigs, 'cause they know we'll win, that's what we are for.

1:People from fire this time was at the protest to give out their newspaper but did not participate in the protest. Well, we don't need no elite to say how people should act, may it be communist , fascist or liberal. We need the people to organize themselves, without the help of any parasite.

Voice mail: 604 682 3269 ext: 7401

Address: Squeegee council
C/o spartacus book
311 w. hasting
Vancouver, Canada
V6B 1H6

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