A Northeast Transportation Fund For The Anarchist People Of Color Conference

All People of Color from the Northeastern Region that want to utilize this fund should contact:

PO BOX 42551
Philadelphia PA 19101
Email: writetofloyd@hotmail.com

(To donate please contact the above for further information.)

The way that this fund works is that funds sent to the "NE APOC Conference
Transportation Fund" will be used towards the travel costs of any person of
color who travels from the Northeast United States and Ontario / Quebec. When
folks ARRIVE at the conference, this money will be redistributed amongst
those folks that ALREADY contacted us.

People MUST contact the fund BEFORE OCTOBER 1ST!

If you want to utilize this fund for the redistribution of your costs to get
to the conference, you must contact us with who you are and where you're
coming from. The fund will be completely redistributed equally amongst those
that have contacted us by the conference date.

For more information on the APOC conference please see: