Brazil: Specifist Anarchism In Rio De Janeiro

Brazil: Specifist Anarchism in Rio de Janeiro
Reporting on the public presentation meeting of FAI

On July 11th, a meeting was held for launching the FAI (Insurrection Anarchist federation), in the 9th floor of UERJ. Some fifty people came to participate in the event, amongst them people from unions directions, from parties and from social movements.

The FAI (name in hommage to the Workers Insurrection of 1918) has as it's goal to take part in the social struggles, presenting anarchism as an organization alternative to the population. Apart from the FAI companions there were also companions from FAG ('Federacao Anarquista Gaucha', Porto Alegre based anarchist federation) and 'Luta Libertaria' (Sao Paulo anarchist federation).

All the speakers enhanced the importance of the revolutionary anarchist militancy for the transformation of our society. FAI has been maintaining - apart from it's organization and participation in workers struggles - a
discussion space for those who wish to know anarchism and our organization proposal; it's the CDA (Circle of Anarchist Debates).

It's activities calender is the following:

07/24/03 - auditorium A, 9th Floor, Bloc "D" - 18: 00 "Anarchist Organization and Social Revolution".

08/04/03 - Rav 104, Bloc F 9th Floor "Anarchism and Class Struggle".

09/18/03 - Rav 94 Bloc F 9th Floor "Anarchism and Marxism".

10/16/03 - Rav 94 Bloc F 9th Floor "Anarchism and People's Power".

10/20/03 - Rav 94 Bloc F 9th Floor.

Not one step backwards!!!
Anarchism is Struggle !!!


[Translated from Portuguese to A-infos]