Stop Aug. 12 Deportations: Urgent Action And Update Below

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phone: 613-957-0312
fax: 613-957-2681

On August 12th, Immigration Canada expects the Cordozo and Daschevi
families to show up for their Air Canada deportation flights or face a
Canada-wide warrant for their arrest. The families approached OCAP for
support 2 weeks ago. Both families are from Brazil, both have been here
for several years and attend the same Portugueuse-speaking downtown
Toronto church. Ironically both have been scheduled for the exact same
deportation flight. In spite of the fact that they have very strong
applications for getting status in Canada that have not even been
considered yet, Immigration is intent on forcing them out.

On July 31st, the families held a press conference at their church.
Speakers included the mothers, their Pastor, the Angolan Aid Committee for
Refugees, the Canadian Autoworkers, STATUS Coalition, and OCAP. 70 people
came out for the press conference, many of whom live in the same situation
of trying to exist in this country with out status. Geraldine and Jane
spoke passionately of their personal situations and how their families
will suffer if they are deported. They spoke of their attempts to do
"everything right" in Immigration's eyes, despite the hardship this has
caused them, and yet they now face deportation all the same. Several
speakers linked the families' difficult personal circumstances to broader
issues of wealthy countries pilfering poor (generally non-white)
nations and then closing the door to ensuing political and economic

Then on August 6th, 60 people from the church, OCAP, unions, Immigrant
rights and other social justice groups came out to an action to stop the
deportations. In a school bus and cars, we drove out to Toronto's
notorious deportation centre. Filling the lobby, people spoke about why
we were there. Several of the Immigrants with appointments for their
own deportations clapped in response and spoke with us, ignoring
Immigration's attempts to intimidate us by taking our pictures through out
the demonstration. (I guess the video cameras on the wall aren't
intimidating enough). We demanded and were granted a meeting with
Gord Morris, "Removals" Manager. This is a man in a position to stop
deportations at the stroke of a pen. As management he ensures the smooth
operation of deporting people out of this country on a daily basis,
despite the impact this will have on their lives. He never has to look
any of these people in the face. That day, he was forced to listen to the
families talk about their situations and to their Pastor demand to know
what good reason there could be for forcing them out. It was a
particularly sweet moment when Geraldine's 15 year old daughter demanded
that he tell her if he had children.

Although only a week earlier he had sent OCAP a tersely worded message
that he would not reconsider the deportations, he was forced to say that
he would again look at the files and give them a final decision on Friday.

Immigration Canada does not operate out of goodwill and they can not be
trusted. Please, if you have even 5 minutes tommorrow, call the
Immigration Minister and tell him NOT to deport these families and to back
off on the attack on Immigrants and Refugees.

For more info please read the backgrounders below:

----- BACKGROUNDER----------

Geraldine Cardozo and Jane Daschevi are two women who, along with their
families, are facing deportation to their home country of Brazil on August
12, 2003 - on the same Air Canada flight departing at 6am.

Both families have applications for landing pending, and both applications
have a very strong chance of success: hard-working parents, children who
attend and love school, all are committed members of a strong church
congregation, St. Paul's Evangelical Presbyterian Church, in Toronto.

Ms. Cardozo has been living and working here for 8 years, raising her
three children - Cassia, aged 15, Debra, aged 13, and Italo, aged 12. She
fled a difficult life as a single mother in Brazil, with which she
received no support. Five years after coming to Toronto, she met her
now-husband, a landed immigrant who is sponsoring her and is a devoted
father to the children. Her children have spent years of their lives
here, and benefit enormously from a stable and loving family life.

Ms. Daschevi has lived in Toronto since the winter of 2000. She has a
good job at a bank, has accredited bookkeeping skills, and her husband has
been working in the construction business since their arrival years ago.
Their children are engaged and happy students at local schools in downtown
Toronto. Now, Ms. Dashevi, her husband Milton, and children Adelino, aged
12, and Maria Julia, aged 5, all face deportation to Brazil, where the
family was subjected to harassment and intimidation by the notoriously
brutal local police, as a result of Ms. Dashevi's employment as an
uncompromising manager of a radio station and her work as an anti-police
brutality activist. Twenty days after they fled to Canada, the family's
house was found burnt to the ground.

Both families are extremely well established in Canada both in social and
economic terms. The children have grown and settled here. Neither family
has a positive future to return to in Brazil. And now Immigration Canada
is threatening to throw all of what the families have built in Canada
away. It is sickening that people who have made a life and a future in
Canada should be uprooted and dumped back into a country where they have
no prospects. People should not be used as cheap and easy labour, mined
for their skills, their tax money, the futures of their children - until
their 'illegality' is deemed a reason to drag them out of the country in
the dark hours of the morning.

Both families are strongly supported by the St. Paul's church community,
as well as their neighbourhood communities, refugee and migrant
organizations, and the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty.

Denis Coderre, Minister of Immigration, is directly authorized to issue a
stay of removal for these families until their applications for landing
can be properly adjudicated.

Denis Coderre
Ministro da Imigracao do Canada, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 957-0312
Fax: (613) 957-2688

Pls. cc. your faxes and emails to OCAP at 416.925.9681 or


Contra a "ORDEM DE DEPORTACAO" das familias Daschevi e Cardozo

Necessitamos urgentemente da ajuda e solidariedade das comunidades
Luso-Brasileira e Angolana, para pedir-mos ao Ministro da Imigracao do
Canada, Denis Coderre, que desista e anule a "ordem de deportacao" contra
das familias Daschevi e Cordova.

Telefonar/mandar fax/email ao Ministro Denis Coderre; pedindo a revisao e anulacao da
"ordem de deportacao" das familias Daschevi e Cardozo.

Denis Coderre
Ministro da Imigracao do Canada, Ottawa
Phone: (613) 957-0312
Fax: (613) 957-2688

*Chame, fax, e email o maximo possivel.


Familia Cardoza

Men nome e Geraldine Cardoza. Eu vim para o Canada em Dezembro de 1995.
Comigo trouxe meus fillios, Cassia tinha 8 anos, Deborah 6 e Italo tinha
5. Na epoca aceitando um convite do pai dos meus fillios que estava
legalmente aqui e me prometeu muitas coisas e uno compriu. Era muito
dificl criar meus filios no nosso pais pois estava sozinha para cuidar
deles, aqui pelo menos teria o pai para ajudar. Um ano passou e o pas dos
meus fillios nos abandonou.
Eu enfrentei muitas dificultadies para criar meus fillios com dignidade.
A alguns anos atras eu fiz a aplicacao para alnd immigrant o qual foi
emgado, pedi refugio e foi negado tambem. Em Dezembro de 2001 eu
encontrei uma pessoa maravilhosa. Casamos e ele fez uma aplicacao para
ser meu sponsor. Esquanto isso a immigracao esta nos mandando embora sem
nos dar o direcito de esperar o resultado dessa aplicacao aqui.
Porque? Depois de oito anos, nunca pedi nada para o Governo. A unica
coissa que quero e ficar com meu marido e continuar ciando meus fillios
com dignidade.

Sinceramente, Geraldine Cardozo


Familia Daschevi

Nos decidimos deixar o Brasil porque estavamos com medo do Delegado de
Policia. Eu sabia que ele maltratava os presos, torturava e recebia
dinheiro para nao prender assassinos. Apos sofrer varias ameacas a mim e a
minha familia, deixei o Brasil, por medo de algo acontecer com meus
filhos. Nao posso voltar pelo mesmo motivo, nao tenho quem me proteja,
sei como a Policia age quando quer intimidar e ate mesmo punir alguem.Nao
temho sequer minha casa para morar, eles mandaram queima-la. Perdemos tudo
o que tinhamos.

Tenho dois filhos. Adelino tem 12 anos, e um excelente aluno, adora
esportes, participa de todas as atividades de esporte e cultura na escola.
Maria Julia tem 05 anos, frequenta o Kindergarden Junior, adora atividades
voltadas a musica e artes.

Meu marido se chama Milton. Trabalha na construcao desde que chegamos
aqui. E excelente pai de familia, responsavel, trabalhador, tem cumprido
todas as suas obrigacoes com o Governo do Canada, pagando a Income Tax.
Eu trabalho no Bank, comecei como Customer Representative Service e
recentemente fui nomeada para Personal Banking Assistent. Tenho ajudado
aos novos funcionarios, treino-os, dividindo com eles toda a experiencia
que possuo. Tenho o Curso de Bookeeping, e estou estudando no George Bromn
College cursos referente a area financeira - General Ledger.

Enfim temos a nossa vida aqui no Canada, tenho amigos Italianos,
franceses, Chineses, Indiano. Frequentamos Clubes, parques, fazemos
passeio em todos os lugares aqui de Ontario. Meus filhos praticam Hoquei,
patim, andam de bicicleta. Fazem tudo aquilo que as outras criancas
canadense fazem. Somos evangelicos , frequentamos a Presbiterian Church
Sant Paul. Sou responsavel pela parte musical do culto, pois sou cantora.
Tenho feito este trabalho desde que cheguei ao Canada, mas ja fazia tambem
no Brasil. Somos voluntarios na Igreja e ajudamos a preparar alimento para
o Evangel Holl, alimentos estes que sao doados para as pessoas

Construimos nossa vida aqui, trabalhamos duro , temos nosso carro, estamos
comprandouma casa. Somos pessoas honestas, trabalhadoras, queremos apenas
a oportunidade de criar nossos filhos dignamente. Apenas aqui no canada
podemos oferecer um futuro melhor para eles. Nao temos como viver no
Brasil, nao temos familia que possam nos ajudar, nao tenho sequer uma casa
para morar. Pensem nas criancas, na dor de perder seus amigos e tudo
aquilo que eles tem aqui e que nao poderao ter no Brasil. Tudo o que eles
sentirem agora jamais sera esquecido por eles, ficara marcado para sempre
nas suas memorias. Esta e a responsabilidade de nossas vidas
dar-mos a chance de outras pessoas serem felizes.
Nos apenas queremos a chance de viver neste pais. Amamos o Canada,
escolhemos viver aqui.

Sinceramente, Familia Daschevi


Ontario Coalition Against Poverty
517 College Street, Suite 234 Toronto, Ontario M6G 4A2