US, Proposal For An Anarchist People Of Color Network

Points of Unity

1.) We recognize that our oppression is political. We
reject dominant and subculture claims that we are to
blame for our own slavery. We understand that white
supremacy and capitalism are at the heart of the
problems we face.

2.) We support and encourage organizing in a
grassroots, anti-authoritarian way. We believe in
power of the people, not by the people.

3.) We acknowledge the need to organize independently
and as a movement uniting people of color. Although
our organization should be composed solely of people
of color, we understand the importance of our work
within the international resistance movement. We also
understand our efforts can only help build resistance
to our common enemies.

4.) We support and encourage active participation of
women, as well as newer and older generations in our

5.) We recognize the necessity of self-determination
for all colonized nations and peoples, and we stand
with struggles by colonized nations and peoples around
the world. We maintain the importance of autonomy for
people of color, and also recognize the importance of
multiracial, multicultural unity. We stand with just
struggles against our oppressors.

6.) We recognize our struggle is also against racism
within various political movements.

Statement of Purpose

We address our social problems by organizing movements
and communities to take on white supremacy and
capitalism, which are at the root of these problems.
We seek to create alternatives to current order that
are democratic, just and promote mutual respect,
self-determination, empowerment and liberation.

We educate, organize and cultivate organizing skills
in our communities to meet the challenges we face.
Some of these issues include social, political and
cultural struggles we face such as police misconduct,
prisons, housing issues, education, and health care,
but there are many more. We seek to agitate in ways
that are most strategic to overcoming our oppression.


The organizing catalyst we envision is a loosely-knit
network or groups and individuals, with a basic
process, organizing and communications framework
established as a means of working together. Membership
should be based on agreement with the mission, points
of unity and statement of purpose. From there, it is
critical to have a commitment to organizing and being
active in struggles affecting communities of color
locally, as well as against capitalism and white
supremacy. As local groups form out of action,
responsibility for recruiting and maintaining
membership in their areas is also essential.
Participants should be accountable to their local

We believe in direct democracy, mutual respect and
open debate as a positive way of rebuilding stronger
relations in our communities. Decisions should be made
in a spokescouncil format, where delegates elected by
local and regional groups participate in discussions
and decisions (although audience is open to all
members). Committees and spokescouncil members should
be accountable to the group.

Committees should be based around common work, such as
process, publicity and organizing strategy, and be
coordinated by a chair elected by committee members on
the basis of the potential chair's commitment to
spending time in skills sharing and project
completion. Committees should report back monthly to
the spokescouncil.


Many movements are crippled by Eurocentric, middle
class and privileged orientations. We contend that a
people of color movement would not only serve to
educate, but to strengthen the communities in which we
are a part. An organization comprised of like minded
individuals of color would strengthen our struggles
against everyday oppressions. It would also empower us
as we participate in such struggles.

We will be hosting a forum on the proposal and its
possibilities at the Anarchist People of Color
Conference, October 3-5, 2003, in Detroit, Michigan,
USA. We also welcome constructive comments,
criticisms, suggestions and feedback prior to the
event. Those who find unity with the proposal are also
welcome to get in touch. Our email is You can also write P.O.
Box 667233, Houston, Texas 77266-7233.