Above And Below: Them, Them, And Us

This is a bold and radical course for the capitalists, full of risks
and challenges. It already has caused injury, possibly fatal, to major ruling-class
institutions like NATO, the European Union, and the United Nations. It
has provoked a massive outpouring of antiwar sentiment, protest, and direct
action, all across the globe. The chill that fell on the US protest movement
after 9/11 has thawed.

Less spectacular but equally a part of this drive is the offensive directed
at the working classes internationally, including within the US. Trade pacts,
like Plan Puebla Panama, open up countries labor and resources; IMF austerity
and privatization measures drive down wages and living standards and put
education, healthcare, water, land, and infrastructure directly in the hands
of the corporations. 'Antiterrorism' is used to justify extensive new police
powers, the erosion of 'civil liberties', carrying out advanced population
mapping, and opening up public discussion of internment, assassinations,
and torture.