Urgent Press Release From CIPO-RFM Comitee In Europe

A - I N F O S N E W S S E R V I C E

Consejo Indigena Popular de Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon CIPO-RFM

Urgent Press Release from CIPO-RFM Comitee in Europe

The 6th April 2003, the 20 communities composing the Consejo Indigena
Popular de Oaxaca Ricardo Flores Magon CIPO-RFM, agreed that a
three brothers comitee from our organization would travel to
European countries to denounce the repression and violence
climat that the hole indigenous communities living in Oaxaca
And in Mexico, but specially against those like us who are not
ready to sell our dignity For that price for submission to whatever
the powerfull of the world command.

The recent repression episodes against the CIPO-RFM were
systematically more violent, with state paramilitaries under
Vicente Fox, as well as under JOSE MURAT, who shout shamlesly
to the outer world they are concerned in defending the human
rights, while only having in mind the offering of our own
indigenous communities ressources to the big enterprises.

We have denounced all this repression in several places abroad,
as the most recent one, when we presented to the Human Rights
Relator for Indegenous Peoples from UN , Doctor RODOLFO
STAVENHAGEN, the emprisonements and the deaths occuring against
our communities from our organisation this same year in Oaxaca
city, Mexico.

These denounciations have consequences and JOSE MURAT, the
Oaxaca state governor persecutes all those that dare to defy

Today, 26th May, we have known that our brother RAUL GATICA has
been threatened of death in his home in San Isidro Monjas,
Oaxaca. Non identified people with clear aim to murder him
invaded his home, and he was not murdered only because he wasn’t
home at this precise moment.
But the murderers left their marks, destroying everything that
was inside the house and leaving grafitti on the walls saying
that the next time he wouldn’t escape.

For all we said above we fear for the life of our brother, as
well as for the life of the brothers from this organisation and
we denounce these facts perpetrated by those state and federal
government parasites, so that these crimes won’t remain like
others non-punished.