May 9th Update On Somerville Theatre Projectionists Organizing Drive

We would like to start by thanking everyone who has supported us by walking the picket line, calling the management and through countless other actions. The support has been amazing and we would not be at this stage in the game without each and every person that has contributed.

An Evolving Strategy

From the outset of the strike we had anticipated that all striking projectionists would be immediately replaced by scabs. Yesterday we learned that the management had only begun this process and thus we were faced with a difficult decision: Continue with the strike or return to work and ensure victory in the NLRB election by preventing anti-union projectionists from being hired and voting in the election.

After much debate we decided that returning to work was strategically the best option as it opened up a second front in the fight for recognition. We believe that this is a golden opportunity to continue to be proactive in our campaign. The management at the Somerville is legally required to take us back or face and Unfair Labor Practice lawsuit. They have reluctantly chosen the former. Today marks are first day back on the job and an opportunity to agitate from the inside for victory in the election. Now we will no longer be just an outside force to be reckoned with, but rather an organizing force on both side of the walls.

The Picket Continues

Despite returning to work, we will continue to keep the pressure on Melvin Fraiman and the Somerville Theatre to voluntarily recognize the union. We need support as much now as when we were on strike, if not more. Mel Fraiman needs to know that we will not go away and Somerville will not stand for his refusal to recognize the right of his workers to organize. Pickets will go on as scheduled this Friday and Saturday @5pm and will continue until the union is recognized. Please join us as we enter a crucial stage in the fight.

Keep the Calls Coming

Please let management of the Somerville Theatre know how you feel about their refusal to recognize the projectionists union.

Mel Fraiman (owner) - Phone: (617) 484-6947 Car Phone: (617) 460-6909 Personal Fax: (617) 484-5823, , FEI office - (781) 648-6022

If you can cannot reach Mel on his personal phone, please try the Somerville Theatre's parent company - Chatam Light Realty - Phone (617) 354-4466 Fax (617) 354-5299

Ian Judge (general manager) - Somerville Theatre Phone: (617) 625-4088 Direct to manager phone: (617) 625-0261 Fax: (617) 625-5496

You can also write a letter on our behalf.

Mel Fraiman (residence): 48 Village Hill Road, Belmont, MA 02478

Fraiman Enterprises Inc.:204 Mass Ave, Arlington , MA 02474 or 15 Story St. Cambridge , MA 02138

Chatham Light Realty: 15 Story St. Cambridge , MA 02138

Solidarity, Somerville Theatre Projectionists