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How To Support Striking Projectionists

Call as many times as you like (hint):

call the owner of the somerville theatre and demand that he recognize the
projectionists union. his name is Melvin Fraiman.
Phone: (617) 484-6947
Car Phone: (617) 460-6909
Personal Fax: (617) 484-5823

Call the Realty company that Melvin Fraiman owns, Chatham Light Realty,
express your discontent:
Phone (617) 354-4466
Fax (617) 354-5299

Call the Somerville Theater, ask to speak to Ian Judge, or the manager on
Phone: (617) 625-4088
Direct to manager phone: (617) 625-0261
Fax: (617) 625-5496

Email the public liason for the Somerville Theater:
Sherri Belski: sbelski@feitheatres.com

*Action called for by the "Friends of Somerville Projection Workers"