Boston: Seize The Means Of Entertainment!

Projectionists at the Somerville Theater in Davis Square are demanding union
recognition, better pay, health coverage, a healthier work environment, and
a democratic workplace. The manager, Ian Judge, and owner Melvin Fraiman,
have indicated that they will refuse these demands and fire the
projectionists rather than recognize the will of the vast majority of the
projection workers. For this reason, the projectionists will take direct
action and walk out on strike at 6 pm on Thursday, May 1st to gain union
recognition. Help them win!

Why did we go out on strike?

Because we cannot live on minimum wage! Because if we get sick, we
can't afford medical or dental care! Because we are fed up with a
condescending management and the degradation of poverty wages!
Because no one should have to work in a 100 degree dungeon with no
ventilation, breathing hazardous polyester dust! Because our only recourse
is direct action and refusal of our labor!

Rally and Picket Every Day
May 1 - 4, 5:00 pm

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