Montreal: For A Class Struggle And Anti-Authoritarian Mayday

The Montreal section of the Northeastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists (NEFAC) calls upon all workers, the unemployed, welfare recipients, the precarious, all those who try the best they can to tie both ends at the end of the month, all single moms who struggle daily, all immigrants who are refused basic rights at work and in housing to join the anarchist contingent in the labour march on Mayday. Let's unite our voices to show the bosses our class hatred!

Yes, class-struggle anarchists, like us in NEFAC, believe that the world is divided into two classes: between US, who must work or beg the government for benefits to survive, who don't decide what we produce and how we produce it, who don't decide what we consume and what we do with our "free" time, who don't control the quality of the food we eat nor the air we breath, who are all exploited and robbed of our lives AND THEM, who control the resources and the wealth of this world, who spend millions of dollars for their private party's and banquets with the money made from our sweat and effort and who use scabs to break our strikes.

It is now time to tell the bosses, the owners, the rulers and the other stinking rich of capitalist society that we are fed up that rents have gone up consistently while our wages have been shrinking, that we're fed up of being harrassed by the police because we're not the right colour, that we're fed up of being hungry at the end of the month and being cold all winter, that we're fed up of working hard for a meager wage.

Let's show them that class war isn't a one way street. Let's make them understand that we are able to organise ourselves against their anti-union, anti-poor and anti-social offensives. It's our turn to attack!

On Mayday 2003, let's march together to tell our class enemies that we wont back down anymore!