Detroit: Request For Support For Anarchist People Of Color Conference

For the first time, Black, Xicano, Asian,and other peoples of color activists who are interested in Anarchist and anti-authoritarian politics will meet to talk about their ideas, the movements they belong to, and their desire to build a new tendency within the Anarchist movement. for years, there has been criticism about the lack of real racial and ethnic diversity within the Anarchist movement, and the failure to reach communities of color. The way to correct that is to build something that everyone would respect, and creat a new sense of unity within our movement as a whole.

Therefore, we are asking all of friends and allies in the Anarchist movement to support this conference by helping us raise the funding, estimated at around $1,500-2,000 to hold this conference and pay for transportation, housing, printing, and other expenses:

1. Making donations of money, by doing fundraisers, benefit concerts, etc., and by raising money to send activists of color from your local community to the conference as delegates.

2. if you live in Detroit, or can come to Detroit to help he local organizing committee out, please send an e-letter to:

3. We are asking other supporters all over North America (and other countries) to pass out conference literature, "talk up" the conference with everyone they know, and especially encourage peoples of color in your community to attend the event, publicize the event in your group newsletter or newspaper, and put flyers in hair salons, colleges, recreational centers, and other places where people will see them. We will be mass mailing conference literature shortly to Anarchist/POC groups and media.


For more information, please contact:

APOC Conference-Michigan
167 N. Drake Road
Kalamazoo, MI. 49006