Greece: General Strike To Protest Iraq War

Associated Press April 2, 2003

Athens, Greece - Labor unions called Wednesday for a nationwide strike on
April 3 to protest the Iraq war, a walkout that will shut down state
services, some businesses and disrupt domestic and international flights.

Two mass protests are also planned in central Athens for Thursday, while
others will be held in cities around Greece. The Athens protests will
include marches to the U.S. Embassy.

Greece's largest labor union called for a four-hour strike from 11:00 a.m.
(0800 GMT), the second such walkout since the war began.

The civil servants union called a one-day strike starting just after
midnight Wednesday that is expected to shut down some banks, public services
and post offices.

The union representing air traffic controllers will strike from noon (0900
GMT) to 4:00 p.m. (1100 GMT) and warned passengers that some flights to and
from Greek airports will be postponed or delayed.

The public in NATO-member Greece is overwhelmingly opposed to the war and
all main political parties - including the governing Socialists - support
the near-daily demonstrations to the American embassy.

A number of mass protests, many numbering more than 100,000 people, have
been staged in Greece since the start of the war.

Police have also boosted security at American and British diplomatic offices
and interests in Athens following a spate of firebomb and hand grenade
attacks against U.S. banks and business franchises.