Oppose The Border Security Summit (toronto)



See the full poster for the counter-conference here.

racism. surveillance. detention. deportation.
do you feel secure?
Oppose the Border Security Summit
Sunday April 6, 2003

Ontario Institute for Studies
In Education (OISE)
252 Bloor Street West
-@St. George Subway-
4th Floor, Room 4-442

Noon - 3pm: Workshops
3-5pm: Panel Discussion
5-6pm: Food and Film
"Holiday Camp: How is your liberation bound with mine?"

Speakers include: Avvy Go (Toronto) - STATUS * Nandita Sharma * Desis Rising Up and Moving (NYC) - A South Asian activist group fighting US
Immigration * No One Is Illegal (Montreal) * Comite des sans-status AlgerienNEs (Montreal) - a group fighting deportation and struggling for status *
Coalition for the Human Rights of Immigrants (NYC)

Free childcare on site. Call first.
Wheelchair accessible.

From April 7-9, Toronto will host the 'Great Lakes Security Summit' to discuss the North American Security Perimeter. It will bring together the Canadian and US
governments, immigration officials, police and corporate interests. Their plans include more racial profiling at the border, more jails for immigrants and refugees, more
police state surveillance and less hassles for big business.

Stop the War at Home!

For more information contact: nooneisillegal@canada.com or call 416 925 6939

The following is text from a leaflet OCAP originally distributed about the Summit.
Stop the Attacks At Home: protest the border security summit

On April 7th and 8th, the Ontario government will play host to a summit on
'border security', in the city of Toronto. Using the 'war on terrorism'
as cover, Canada and the US are trying to create a security permetre
around North America - one that will limit the movement of refugees and
immigrants, but not the free flow of goods and services.

At this summit, Premier Ernie Eves and his cohort Runicman will plot with
representatives of Immigration Canada, their American counterparts the
Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS), border state governors, and
corporate interests about how to fine tune a continental immigration
system that allows for easy and endless exploitation of 'illegal' labour,
but hoards for the few the right to live safely and securely. Already,
Canadian officials are turning people away at the US border, and openly
discussing the jailing of all non-status people in one of Ontario's
'superjails'. Legislation in the works will give judges the power to
deport any Canadian resident who is foreign-born - citizens included - in
closed trials, without opportunity for appeal. The Canadian government is
proving itself eager to assist in continuing to build a racist 'Fortress
North America' on colonized land, under the guise of national security.

This mounting racist attack will not go unanswered. Both Canada and the
US make millions off the precarious position of undocumented workers, who
are thanked with the unceremonious boot of the INS and Immigration Canada.
When these snakes gather in Toronto, we will be there to take them on.
Join us in the fight against the hidden war at home. More details to
follow ...

More information soon.