Support Delores Murray And Her Fight For Status

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Delores Backgrounder & Request for Letter of Support

Delores Murray is a non-status mother of three from Jamaica who OCAP has
been working with for a long time. Now Delores has a humanitarian and
compassionate claim for landed status before Immigration Canada. If she
loses she will be forced to leave her three Canadian-born children in
foster care in Canada and return to Jamaica where she faces abject poverty
and an extremely abusive ex-husband.

She needs your support! Please read the backgrounder below and write a
letter of support as soon as possible.


Please write a letter of support for Delores' application to get status in
Canada. It bolsters her case significantly if she can show that she does
have support and that people from a wide variety of backgrounds know about
her case and believe that it would be wrong not to grant her status.

-address your letter to "Immigration Officer P. Cohen"
-include Delores' full name: Delores Murray (her three sons are named
Joshua, Matthew, and Daniel)
-explain who you are and why you believe Delores should be granted landed
status in Canada
-please fax your letters to OCAP at (416)925-9681 and we will deliver them
on masse

** we urge you to approach your union, social justice organization,
church, mosque, school and what ever other organizations you belong to and
encourage them to send a letter as well***


Delores has been in Canada for nine years, first as a visitor, then as a
refugee claimant, and now as a non-status person. She left Jamaica to get
away from physical abuse by her husband, a soldier in the army who has
connections in the police as well. Upon coming here with her 2 Jamaican
children in 1993 Delores' ex-husband threatened to have her killed if she
did not send the children back to Jamaica. She was forced to send them
back to Jamaica and filed a refugee claim based on her fear of her
ex-husband. Her claim was denied and she has lived with out status ever
since. She now has three young Canadian sons (the oldest is 10 and the
youngest 2) who she is struggling to raise on her own. Last year, when
Delores cancelled her welfare benefits, a Welfare worker took it upon
herself to report her to Immigration and she was promptly incarcerated.
Delores' release conditions forbid her from working or studying in Canada.

A Family Court judge has ruled that Delores has sole custody or her
children and that they can not to be removed from the Province of Ontario
as it would be against their best interests to be forced to leave the
country. However, if Delores loses her application she will be deported to
Jamaica alone, where she faces bitter poverty and fears her dangerous
ex-husband. She would be forced to leave her young boys in Canada and they
would be placed in foster care. The possibility of this happening has been
devastating for Delores. She is under tremendous stress and can't sleep at
night. She also suffers from migraine headaches.

Thanks much.

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