Statement On The Murder Of Rachel Corrie

Statement on the Murder of Rachel Corrie by Israeli Occupation Forces, 16 March 2003.

The military might of Israel has been pounding the cities, towns and camps of the Palestinian Arabs of the Occupied Territories. Thousands have been slain, including our comrade Rachel Corrie, a young activist with the International Solidarity Movement whose work we have has supported in New York City. The infrastructure of a poor people, whose ongoing devastation Rachel was witness to, has been wrecked. Hospitals, roads, communications, indistries, government offices, cultural institutions and, tragically, as we have seen, even homes have been ruthlessly and deliberately destroyed. This, after 35 years of Israel's colonial occupation of these Territories, the longest occupation of another people's land in modern times.

That the Israelis have been able to do this is in large part due to the decades of political, military and, especially, economic support it has received from the United States Government. The State of Israel is by far the greatest recipient in the world of US governmental aid and long-term loans. In addition, unlike efforts to cut off private aid to officially labelled "terrorists," the US government allows its citizens to give a great deal of financial aid to the Israeli State. This must stop.

We call on every citizen and institution in the United States to cut economic ties with Israel and to divest their holdings in companies that deal in Israeli goods, particularly those who supply weapons, machinery and supplies to the Israeli Occupation Forces.

It is the Occupation Forces who wreak terror and destruction upon innocent civilians. It is the Occupation Forces who prevent medical and relief personnel, as well as peace workers, from reaching the sick, the dying and the desperate. It is the Occupation Forces who have beaten and shot at our comrades in the International Solidarity Movement. It is the Occupation Forces who terrorized members of the Christian Peacemakers Team and The Fellowship of Reconcilliation during the seige of the Church of the Nativity. It is the Occupation Forces, in a display of callousness that would chill the heart were it not a matter of all too regular occurence in the lives of Palestinians, who drove a bulldozer over Rachel Corrie, crushing her to death. It is the Occupation Forces who killed more Palestinians the same day they killed Rachel.

We therefore call for all supporters of the Palestinian struggle, all war resisters and, especially, our comrades in the struggle against neoliberalism to join the movement that has linked itself to the historic South African divestment campaign. Grassroots efforts like the one that helped topple the apartheid regime in South Africa will become a critical element in the successful struggle of the Palestinian people for liberation. At this time, the Caterpillar

Corporation should be the target of sustained action. Caterpillar supplies the D-9 Bulldozer the Occupation Forces used to kill Rachel and numerous others in the process of illiegally destroying Palestinain homes.

The Israeli State must stop their genocidal assault. They must unilaterally withdraw their military forces from the West Bank, Gaza and East Jerusalem. They must withdraw their military bases and checkpoints from the Occupied Territories. They must negotiate a return of the Palestinian people to Israel. They must pay full compensation for the property they have seized. They must recognize the right of the Palestinian people to self- government.

We recognize that the first revolutionary struggle of this maligned and valiant people is to survive. As in the struggle of Irish republicans against the British monarchy, as in the struggle of black South Africans against Afrikaner nationalists, as in the struggle of Native Americans against white settlers, we affirm the Palestinians' right to armed resistance against their colonial oppressors.

We salute the International Solidarity Movement and all those who witness horror to work for peace. We salute the living sacrifice of Rachel Corrie and the unyielding spirit of the Palestinian people. Earth shall not bury the Intifada in their hearts.

Christine Karatnytsky

Open City Anarchist Collective, NYC North Eastern Federation of Anarcho-Communists 18 March 2003

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