New Brunswick: When The War Starts, No Business As Usual!


Call for a Revolutionary Anti-Imperialist Contingent New Brunswick, NJ

Emergency Demonstration Day Of/Day After War Escalates - 5PM

(If War Announced Before 5PM, Demo Will Be That Day. If After 5PM, Demo Next Day)

It's time to up the stakes!

For the past six months, we've been holding numerous anti-war demonstrations, with hundreds of thousands of people turning out to try and stop this war. Despite the size and diversity of this movement, the Bush Regime is still insisting on attacking Iraq. It is obvious that our so-called leaders do not care what we think they have proven to us that the idea that this country is a democracy is just a sham, and that those "leaders" have no respect for the people they are supposedly representing. It has become apparent that no matter how large these protests grow, just holding signs and giving speeches will never be enough to end this war. Now that the new invasion of Iraq has begun, we must do everything in our power to stop it. We must rise up and directly interfere with the war effort. On the day after the war begins, there will be no business as usual in the City of New Brunswick. It is time for the people of this city to join together with people all across the country to bring the nation's war machine to a grinding halt.

Despite the fact that world opinion is obviously overwhelmingly against war - not just in the streets, but in the halls of world governments as well - the Bush Regime is still pushing forward and beating the drums of war. All this without clear popular support, the support of allied nations, and with no clear connection to the 9/11 attacks. This war has no connection to the "War on Terrorism." It is not about protecting Americans, and the case for a link between Saddam Hussein and al-Qaeda is flimsy at best. These are all just excuses to justify the illegal unilateral invasion of Iraq. What this war is truly about is about expanding the American Empire and promoting the interests of the American corporate elite.

The war against Iraq has been going on for over 12 years, and while both President Bush and Clinton claim this is a war against Saddam Hussein, in truth it has been the people of Iraq who have suffered the most. With crippling sanctions, hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi citizens have died, many of them children. With this new invasion, we can expect many more civilians to be injured or killed by US forces. According to Pentagon reports, the military plan for this war will be even more destructive. The United States plans to drop 300-400 bombs each day during the first two days of this current invasion more bombs than were dropped during the entire Gulf War.

Let's take a minute to think back to September 11, when thousands of innocent American civilians were killed. How did you feel that day? How do you think the Iraqi people feel today, as US forces are carpet-bombing their country, killing innocent people and destroying the infrastructure of their country? Is getting revenge against a country that had nothing to do with the September 11th attacks really what we need to be doing?

On the day after the war begins, it is time to shut this city down! There is an increasingly dominant feeling within the anti-war movement that if we are going to be serious about securing human rights, here and abroad, and to stopping the new invasion of Iraq, we are going to have to find new ways of political action. It is a privilege to not act upon the most direct means at our disposal. Many of us in the anti-war movement feel that it is also time to abandon this privilege. It is time to up the stakes, time for more drastic action. As we've been clearly shown, simply talking and marching hasn't stopped the Bush Regime's desire for endless war against all peoples of the world. Therefore, we feel that the only way to end this war is to raise the domestic costs for the State to pursue it. We can do this through various forms of non-participation and economic sabotage. We are calling for all people who agree with this call to join us in the streets in a mass direct action against this unjust war. We will be supporting a diversity of tactics, and encourage any interested groups to plan creative and disruptive acts against the capitalist military machine that threatens us all. Please bring your affinity group and meet up with us at the New Brunswick fountain - at the corner of Livingston Avenue and George Street. Look for the big red and black flags. We need to send the Bush Regime a direct message that we do not condone war, and will do everything in our power to make it impossible to wage this war! See you on the streets!


In solidarity, New Brunswick Anarchist Union

(If War Announced Before 5PM, Demo Will Be That Day. If After 5PM, Demo Next Day)

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