European Anarcho-Syndicalists Support Anti-War Strike

European Anarcho-Syndicalists Support Anti-War Strike

The objective of the United States is that of imposing its political and economic hegemony, installing a protectorate with the purpose of controlling the oil resources and this way to guarantee the interests of the multinationals.

The immediate consequences of a war against Iraq, will be felt, in the first place, by the Iraqi population that will suffer it. The dictator Sadam Husein and his generals will be well under cover.

We will also suffer the consequences in other countries:

*An increase in the military budget and decrease in social spending.

*Reinforcement of the repression against all those who are opposed, particularly the syndicalists.
The syndicalist movement should sustain and impel the fights against the war.

The demonstrations, such as those organized throughout the world on February 15th, are a point of important support, because they show that we are dozens of millions in the world who we reject the dictates of the American government and of military.

We have solidarity with all the workers who refuse to participate in the preparation of warfare and declare their conscientious objection.

We sustain the resistance actions that are being carried out in all Europe: the blockade of military trains, refusing to allow the NATO fleet to dock.

The syndicalist movement has the responsibility of amplifying the mobilisation against the war, in particular inside the companies.

In Italy the slogan "strike against the war" is today sustained by most of the union movement. This question should be discussed with the wage earners of all the countries of Europe as a form of decisive action to oppose the war.

Strike, new massive demonstrations of citizens throughout the world, actions in the neighbourhoods, factories, government buildings... they can make the American government and their allies recoil.

The syndicalist movement of Europe says "No" to war!

C.G.T. (Spain), C.N.T. (France), C.U.B. (Italy), COBAS (Italy), C.S.C. Transcom, (Belgium), Ecole Emancipée (France), E.S.K. (Euskadi), F.S.U. (France), OR.SA. (Italy), PAME (Greece), R.M.T. (UK), S.A.C. (Sweden), (Italy), Si Puo (Italy), G10-Solidaires (France), SUD Aériens (France), SUD ANPE (France), SUD Education (France), SUD PTT (France), SUD Rail (France), S.U.I. (France), T.I.E. (Germany), T.I.E. (Netherlands), U.C.S. (Italy), UNICOBAS (Italy)

Paris, February 23, 2003