Unions Meet In Chicago To Form Anti-War Coalition

Unions Meet in Chicago to Form Anti-War Coalition

On Saturday, January 11, over 100 trade unionists from 60 union and Central Labor Councils met in Chicago at Teamsters Local 705.

They heard reports summarizing the growing union antiwar activity around the country. They also heard reports about what is really going on at the UN and around the world, and about the other antiwar coalitions.

They unanimously passed a resolution saying Bush has simply "not make the case" that Hussein poses a threat to America and that this war must be stopped. The resolution encouraged unions to get involved in this debate because "union members and leaders have the responsibility to inform the members about issues that affect the lives and jobs of members, their families, and all other working people." They created an organization, US Labor Against the War (USLAW) to carry on and build the union antiwar movement, and they rose over $30,000 in the room to support it; every local in the room agreed to go back to their local to try to raise more money.

They decided to ask all unions and members coming to demonstrations in DC and SF on Jan 18 to march together under the "Labor Against War" banner.

And they decided to try to get at least 200 unions to sign onto the resolution before Jan 28, and to carry on the union antiwar activity no matter what the Bush administration does on Jan 28 and beyond."


USLAW Founding Resolution


WHEREAS, over 100 trade unionists from 76 local, regional and national unions, central labor councils and other labor organizations (see details below) representing over 2 million members gathered in Chicago for an unprecedented meeting to discuss our concerns about the Bush administrations threat of war; and

WHEREAS, union members and leaders have the responsibility to inform all working people about issues that affect their lives, jobs and families, and to be heard in the national debate on these issues; and

WHEREAS, the principal victims of any military action in Iraq will be the sons and daughters of working class families serving in the military who will be put in harm's way, and innocent Iraqi civilians who have already suffered so much; and

WHEREAS, we have no quarrel with the ordinary working class men, women and children of Iraq, or any other country; and

WHEREAS, the billions of dollars spent to stage and execute this war are being taken away from our schools, hospitals, housing and Social Security; and

WHEREAS, the war is a pretext for attacks on labor, civil, immigrant and human rights at home; and

WHEREAS, Bush's drive for war serves as a cover and distraction for the sinking economy, corporate corruption and layoffs; and

WHEREAS, such military action is predicted actually to increase the likelihood of retaliatory terrorist acts; and

WHEREAS, there is no convincing link between Iraq and Al Qaeda or the attacks on Sept. 11, and neither the Bush administration nor the UN inspections have demonstrated that Iraq poses a real threat to Americans; and

WHEREAS, U.S. military action against Iraq threatens the peaceful resolution of disputes among states, jeopardizing the safety and security of the entire world, including Americans; and

WHEREAS, labor has had an historic role in fighting for justice; therefore

We hereby establish the U.S. Labor Against the War(USLAW)"; and

Resolve that U.S. Labor Against the War stands firmly against Bush's war drive; and

FURTHER RESOLVE that U.S. Labor Against the War will publicize this statement, and promote union, labor and community antiwar activity.

Adopted January 11, 2003 in Chicago, IL.