Boycott The Profiteers Of War

Boycott the Profiteers of War

Shipping companies are raking in huge sums of money in
preparation for the pending war on Iraq. War materials are
being transported in the holds of seagoing freighters, materials that will kill and cripple, turn people into refugees, destroy a country's infrastructure and pave the way for an invasion; with everything that that entails, including brutality directed towards the civilian population.

Shipping companies have no scruples. Their hunger for profit
takes them over all obstacles, even those of bodies piled high. The shipping companies Svenska Orient Line, Stena, Rederi AB Gotland and DFDS have all chartered freighters for the transport of war materials.

The Union movement cannot escape its responsibilities. It is
we the workers who maintain the transports and produce the
war materials that threaten to affect the Iraqi people. We
must take our slogans of international solidarity seriously and act accordingly.

In Greece, over half a million workers are preparing to strike in the case of the outbreak of war. In Australia, the construction worker's union has decided to strike when war breaks out. In Sweden, anti-war groups have been organised by students at schools across the country. They're organising meetings, participating in demonstrations and plan on striking when the war starts. On the first day of war, and the following Saturday, anti-war demonstrations are already being prepared for around the world. Take your place amongst them!

We encourage you to boycott the Profiteers of War. Blockades
and strikes are powerful methods of protest. In England, two
railway engineers refused to drive trains transporting
ammunition destined for the war on Iraq. They are an example
to be followed by us all!

A protest against this war is not to be equated with support for Saddam Hussein's dictatorship. The Central Organisation of Sweden's Workers, SAC, is an union dedicated to democracy
and we believe that the liberation of the Iraqi people must
occur on their own conditions. The USA's claims on the
Middle East, as well as in the United Nations, have nothing to do with democracy, except with oil and world control.

The Steering Committee of
The Central Organisation of Sweden’s Workers, SAC
March 3rd, 2003