Upcoming Common Struggle Events in Boston

Please join us at these events coming up in Late February/Early March!

Wednesday, February 27th

Protest City Realty
3 pm
370 Chestnut Hill Ave. Brighton, MA

Join Common Struggle members as we support this NEW ROAD initiative.

We have long protested abuses by Wall Street Banks. Increasingly, however, occupied foreclosed property occupied by our members is being sold to investors. City Realty apparently owns well over 100 post foreclosure buildings under many different aliases. City Realty purchases often deny our members the chance to get their homes back. Once City Realty buys, they
raise rents and evict.

This protest is part of an ongoing campaign to put a stop to greedy investors. Join us Wednesday.

Saturday, March 2nd

Care + Struggle Study Group
6:00 PM
Community Church of Boston
565 Boylston St, Boston, MA

Part one of a two part series.

We all give and receive care throughout our lives. Many of us will care for children, friends, partners, and other family, usually without being paid. And many of us will get paid to provide care, in health care, education, and service industries. This month, we'll be discussing a number of short readings about the relationship of care, and health care in particular, to radical struggle.

Readings are available on the Care + Struggle page.

Thursday, March 7th

Protest! Harvard Targets Women of Color for Termination
5:30 PM
Holyoke Center
1350 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA
Facebook Event

Common Struggle will be supporting our allies (and members) in HUTCW and the struggle to defend Harvard's employees from the Harvard Corporation's insatiable greed. Harvard recently terminated 3 workers from University Financial Services, all parents, all workers of color, 2 out of 3 longer-service women with stories of disability. For six months bosses terrorized union members in weekly meetings, threatening them with being fired if they didn't work fast enough. Managers demanded that all staff be at or above the average rate of processing invoices at least 75% of the time, impossible for the group to achieve! The bosses used bogus pseudo-scientific measurements to lay off those they didn't like. All Caucasian workers in the department are keeping their jobs. Please join us as we hold a demonstration and march, healthy pressure on a fabulously-rich employer to reinstate the workers! NO DISCRIMINATORY LAYOFFS!!