The Housing Monster Study Group (Part Two)

Join Common Struggle in Boston for to study and build together around the Housing Monster, a new book from

Saturday, November 3rd
Encuentro 5, 9 Hamilton Place, Boston, MA
Facebook Event

This will be our second session. We will be discussing the second half of the book, including the following sections:

- The Housing Market and the Labor Market
- Ownership and Class
- A Woman’s Place
- Community and Commodity
- Notes on the Class Struggle
- Collective Living
- The Unions
- Rent Control and State Housing
- The Second World
- Getting Rid of Monsters

Read it online or download a PDF from

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You can also mailorder from PM Press.

The Housing Monster takes one seemingly simple everyday thing — a house — and looks at the social relations that surround and determine it. Starting with the construction site and the physical building of houses, the book slowly builds and links more and more issues together: from gentrification and city politics to gender roles and identity politics, from subcontracting and speculation to union contracts and negotiation, from intensely personal thoughts and interactions to large-scale political and economic forces. What starts as a look at housing questions, broadens into a critique of capitalism as a whole.