Things to Remember

Illustration by Kevin 'Rashid' Johnson

The high independence of the rich only reveals the immeasurable distance between us. The blessings in which they this day rejoice are not enjoyed, in common. The rich's inheritance of justice, liberty, prosperity, and independence: it's only shared in the rich society and not in the oppressed society.

The sunlight that has brought life and healing to the capitalists has brought to us stripes of pain and death. The Fourth of July belongs to them, and not to us. They may rejoice and we must mourn, because this day only reveals to us the gross injustice and cruelty to which we're the constant victim: the racist capitalist society.

This immeasurable distance between us is even bigger when it comes to us prisoners in this country. The U.S. constitution grants us some rights in theory, but unfortunately this is not the case in practice. The ideology of law has become an illusion to U.S. prisoners because the reality is full of injustice and cruelty.

The law is just politics and the criminal justice system is built with the same kinds of politics. Judges, District Attorneys, and the rest of the legal system behave like politicians, based on their own interests. The law in its very foundation means restraint, and restriction which really means to our society repression, and oppression. We will never be free, in the full sense, unless we're determined to resist, and fight to bring an end to this cruel capitalist system that is destroying the world, the people's lives, dreams, and hopes without any compassion whatsoever.

Solidarity to all people, to the Occupy Movement around the country, and to the prisoners.