Announcing Common Struggle - Libertarian Communist Federation!

Attention allies in North America and beyond! The organization formerly known as the North Eastern Federation of Anarchist Communists is henceforth:

Common Struggle - Libertarian Communist Federation

Decided upon at our 23rd conference held in Boston, MA this past Labor Day weekend.

We have been considering a change since the departure and organizational growth experienced by our comrades in both Common Cause (Ontario) and Union Communiste Libertaire (Quebec).

In the spirit of regeneration we have also suspended print publication of the Northeastern Anarchist magazine and are proud to announce that the agitational broadsheet Freedom is now a federation wide project! We will still be accepting purchases of Issue #15 as well as requests for back issues.

Also of possible interest is the adoption of a trial membership period coupled with a committee to create an internal development program as well as working groups on prisoner struggles and potential strategic criteria for intervention in the class struggle.

We are also endorsing the International Day of Solidarity for Mumia Abu Jamal in Philadelphia December 10th 2011.

Our website can now be accessed at: and