Pittsburgh rallies to support locked-out Steel Workers

Pittsburgh rallies to support locked-out Steel Workers of Local 1005 of Hamilton, Ontario.

On Jan. 29th, 2011, at 1pm, two cities showed that workers' solidarity
cannot be confined by national borders. While the steel workers of
Ontario's Local 1005 and thousands of their supporters held a march and
rally to protest US Steel for locking them out of their jobs, their fellow
workers and allies held a protest at the US Steel Headquarters in
Pittsburgh, PA.

The rally in Downtown Pittsburgh, organized by the Northeastern
Federation of Anarchist-Communists (NEFAC), brought 20-30 people to brave
the cold in front of the U.S. Steel Tower. Those present included union
workers, students, anarchists from various groups, the IWW, and others.
The picketers sipped hot coffee as they held signs, which read "Workers
Unite: Solidarity is our Weapon," "Steelers Fans for Pension Plans," "US
Steel: End the Lockout," "Steel City Supports Steel Workers," "Working
Class Power," and "Springsteen: The Only Boss I Listen to."

Buses, taxis, and cars honked in approval. Picketers handed out
information about the lockout to the unusually high number of
passers-by--many of whom were brought to the area by a local radio show
contest--Downtown on a frigid Sunday afternoon.

Protesters vowed to continue to put pressure on US Steel and act in
solidarity with Local 1005 until the company allows the workers to return
to their jobs, with their pensions intact. Pittsburgh NEFAC extends their
congratulations to workers of Hamilton, Ontario for their successful

Local 1005: Pittsburgh stands behind you!

In the struggle for better lives for workers and their families, in
Hamilton, in Pittsburgh, and everywhere else. In the struggle to
build an international workers movement capable of making the rich pay for
their own recession!

Upcoming, related events:
On February 19th, the Pittsburgh Organizing Group is hosting a
benefit concert for locked-out workers of 1005 at the Shadow Lounge.
Musicians include Mike Stout (Local labor folk singer), Jake and Clara (of
Jake and the Infernal Machine) and more tba.For details, see

On March 3rd, NEFAC Pittsburgh hosts a discussion about anarchists
participating in the labor movement. Speakers include: Patrick Young, on
radicals working in mainstream unions; Lady, on the Vermont Workers
Center; and more TBA! This event will celebrate the release of NEFAC's new
pamphlet, “Fire the Boss.” 7pm-10pm, at The Union Project, 801 North
Negley Ave., Pittsburgh.

Photos of the rally:

Contact: Jake Carman, NEFAC Pittsburgh

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