Stop the Raids! Discussion on Immigration Reform in Hartford.

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STOP THE RAIDS! Students of Trinity College present:

Let's Discuss Immigration Reform

Tuesday, April 20th
Terrace Rooms A, B & C
Mather Hall, Trinity College
300 Summit Street
Hartford CT

We need a national debate that recognizes immigration as a global phenomenon and shifts away from the criminalization of innocent workers. Any immigration reform system that does not demand an immediate end to ICE Raids, Silent Raids, E-verify, 287g and the militarization of the border falls short of meeting the demands of the undocumented community. Legalization for all!

Featured speakers:

Cristobal Cavazos is a national leader in the struggle for immigrant rights and co-founder of the group "Immigrant Solidarity Dupage" in Chicago.

David Silva Villalobos is a pioneer in immigrant rights and a member of the Grassroots Immigrant Justice Network.

Mariano Cardoso Jr. is a Capitol Community College student whose testimony speaks to the abuses of our current immigration system.

A reception will follow.

Sponsored by: SGA, House of Peace, I-House, Latin Dance Club, Anti-War Coalition & Trinfo Cafe

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