3rd Annual FADGE Fest in Hartford


A Partial List of Upcoming Workshops for F.A.D.G.E. Fest 2010:

Sexual Assault in the Activist Community: A How-To of Accountability- Description to follow…

DIY Speculum Exam Workshop-
This workshop will provide instructions for performing a speculum exam, as well as the chest/breast exam and other pelvic exam techniques, both for self exam or with a partner. Intent of the workshop is to provide tools and knowledge for DIY sexual/reproductive health. We will also touch on trans health, sensitivity to sexual assault survivors, and ways to empower ourselves on the exam table and in the clinician’s office. This workshop is open to all genders.

Sexual Consent: This workshop addresses gender communication and explores common myths associated with rape. Students will have the opportunity to work through their own understanding of consent in light of the UConn definition. Participants will also be encouraged to reflect on how they are contributing to an environment where people feel free and safe to say yes and no in a way that is respected and protected. Presented by the Violence Against Women Prevention Program of the University of Connecticut.

Making Sense of a Porn Culture- This is a presentation on the history of the porn industry, self-objectification, the effects of early pornography exposure on youth, and an analysis of some contemporary porn. Includes graphic images.

Make Your Own Sex Toys: Participants will enjoy an engaging examination of the history and politics of women’s pleasure, sex-toys, and the medical industry’s control and exploitation of women’s bodies. Then we’ll get our hands “dirty” and start making our own, personalized sex toys while discussing healthy and fun sexual exploration.

Therapy, power dynamics, boundaries and self-care: Exploring the inherent power dynamics in therapy, discussing healthy boundaries, and caring for your emotional health.

Social Detox – Feminism for Boys
The point of this workshop is to discuss the ways that men can be aware of how sexism infiltrates our relationships and organizing. Sexism is socialized right into our identity as men and to fully realize anarchist relationships we need to identify and break patterns of sexism, both overt and passive.

Reproductive Freedom: The Connecticut Workers Solidarity Alliance and Queers Without Borders will host a discussion on Reproductive Freedom, how it differs from Reproductive Rights, and how we are organizing in Connecticut.

Feminism 101: A friendly intro to feminism for the curious or a lively refresher for the initiated. Discussion will be led by SCSU’s Women’s Studies Director, Dr. Yi-Chun Tricia Lin, and students. Dr. Lin’s current research and teaching interests include ethnic studies, women’s studies and post-colonial studies.

Breaking the (bike) Chains of Patriarchy: A bike maintenance demo by the Chainbreakers. The Chainbreakers are a New Haven, CT based group of women, transgendered people, queers and other marginalized groups. They believe that working on your own form of transportation is empowering and fun and it provides a positive alternative to male-dominated bike culture.

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