One Battle Won: VFW Cancels White Supremacist Event

The Boston Anti-Racist Coalition excited to hear that the April 11th event scheduled to be at the South Boston VFW has officially been canceled. We want to thank all the individuals,groups and media who have put a spotlight on this despicable event that was to be held in our backyards. This sends a clear message to all hate groups, racists and bigots that Boston is not a welcome venue for such events and will never be so.

Everyone who called the VFW, the media and who spread the word of this event should be very proud. They should take great pride in the fact that these racist speakers, bands and their supporters will always have to walk on egg shells and face the very real prospect of their events being exposed to the general public, wherever and whenever they rear their ugly heads. We have pushed them further out into the fringe and the irrelevant and will continue to do so until they are no more.

However, the battle continues against racism. Even as we shed light on these bitter souls and push them back into the shadows, they still exist, and make plans for another day. We are not naive and we know that they will still have their event, albeit slightly hindered by our efforts. Information continues to come in, as to where they may be on April 11th. We will let the public as well as all concerned groups know where this is when the information becomes available. Any venue or people involved in helping move forward the white power movement will be exposed, if not before,then after the event. Regrettably, more people will learn the hard way about allowing fascists to use their spaces or resources, they will be blemished as either collaborators or apathetic and money driven organizations or people. We understand that not all parties may know they are hosting a racist event until it is too late. However at any sign of a hate gathering, we encourage all venues,sound technicians,security and staff to make sure it ends as soon as it is realized. They should ask themselves if it would be worth the mud that is left on their names, and the scar that is left on our humanity.

We would like to publicly thank the South Boston VFW for doing the right thing and formally announcing the cancellation of this event. We welcome all concerned to contact us if they wish to be notified about when/where the event will be re-located if that information becomes available.

BARC (Boston Ant-Racist Coalition)"